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The Walking Dead’s Best Callbacks From the Series Finale

The following contains major spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 24, “Rest In Peace,” which premiered Sunday, November 20 on AMC.

The Walking DeadThe series finale officially marked the end of an era. With 177 episodes in 11 seasons, the AMC series made its mark on television. But because of that longevity and the lethal content of the show, the show also had a lot of character turnover and a lot of story that it went through.

The last few episodes of season 11 took that into account with references and Easter eggs dedicated to some of the best scenes and biggest figures in the series. The ending brought that to a head by making numerous references to previous characters and their most well-known moments in The Walking Dead. Here are some of those looks back, and why the Gabriel reference tops the long list.

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Walkers from The Walking Dead broke a window, just like they did in Atlanta

Variant walkers have been a focus in the back third of Season 11, and they seem to be a possible hook for the next one. Living Dead spin-offs That meant season 11 episode 24, “Rest In Peace,” had to feature them prominently, and it did so when a walker broke a hospital window while Daryl Dixon and the gang were trying to help Judith die. . That was a perfect callback to Season 1 Episode 2, “Guts,” in which Judith’s father Rick and the original survivors were hiding in a store in downtown Atlanta until a walker broke down the door. glass with a brick.

Daryl Dixon gave blood to Judith Grimes, just like Rick Grimes did for Carl

Shot by Judith Grimes

One of the biggest questions in the finale was whether Judith would survive. That subplot was reminiscent of his brother Carl being shot by a hunter in Season 2, Episode 1, “What’s Next”, including two specific callbacks. The first was that Daryl gave Judith some of her blood to help her survive long enough to see Doctor Tomi. That was exactly what Rick did for Carl to keep him alive in Season 2, Episode 2, “Bloodletting.”

Daryl blocked Judith’s hospital door, just like Shane Walsh did with Rick

TWD Shane saves Rick

While the survivors were in the hospital, the walkers began to breach the building. Daryl, Carl, and other characters went to fight them, but before they left, Daryl made sure to block the door with a hospital bed. That was exactly what Shane Walsh did before walking out of Rick’s hospital room during the flashback viewers saw in season 1, episode 6, “TS-19.”

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Maggie Rhee let Pamela Milton live, like Rick did with Negan

the end of the walking dead pamela

In The Walking Dead Season 8, Rick did the unthinkable and let the now redeemed Negan live despite all the terrible things he had done. That came as a surprise to fans, but even more so to Maggie Rhee, since Negan had killed her husband. When Maggie decided to let Pamela live, she showed the growth of her character that had taken place between seasons 8 and 11. She could see that Pamela needed to pay for her crimes. Life was worse than death for the former Commonwealth leader, and her survival also shocked fans who expected Pamela to be killed off.

Daryl said “We’re not the walking dead” like Rick did in the comics

Daryl end of TWD

In the Living Dead comics, Rick uttered the classic line “We are not the walking dead” before being killed by Sebastian Milton. With Rick out of the picture on the TV series, someone else had to say the words, and Daryl got the honor. When Pamela tried to keep people out of her gated community, Daryl convinced her to change her mind using Rick’s infamous quote.

Gabriel let people in, unlike what he refused to do for his congregation

end of the walking dead gabriel

When Gabriel showed up in season 5, he was a mess. During the initial zombie outbreak, he locked himself in his church and refused to let anyone else in. His actions caused the death of his entire congregation, and he has since regretted it. When he saw Pamela lock people out of her gated community, he decided to act. After Daryl’s aforementioned speech, he was able to let the people in and correct the mistake of his past. That made the callback from him the most touching in The Walking DeadThe series finale because it wasn’t just a reference, it was a touching moment that meant something to him.

The Walking Dead series finale and the rest of Season 11 are available to watch on AMC+.

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