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The Walking Dead Producer Is Pushing For More Spinoff Featuring Older Characters

The Walking Dead narrator Scott Gimple says he hopes to explore “old characters” and “mythologies” from the series’ 12 years in new spin-offs.

The Walking Dead Executive producer and chief content officer Scott Gimple says he’s pushing for more spinoff shows with a lot of older characters.

While three upcoming spin-offs are set, Gimple says it wants to expand the Living Dead universe on television even more. That means exploring “old characters” and “mythologies” from the show’s 12-year run. He recently spoke with AMC about the future of the franchise now that the main show has ended. “I hope these are the first stories and characters we explore, and I really hope we do more,” Gimple said. “I will say that because tales of the walking dead, my plan was to have a lot more of the old characters in there. I hope we can do that eventually and I really want to get into these other characters and other mythologies and other situations, so hopefully these are the first. Plus Stories episodes or limited series or spin-offs. I have many dreams of doing more.”

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The Expansion of The Walking Dead Mythology

However, Gimple added that the proposed spin-offs would not see the light of day for some time, as the team is currently putting its efforts into making sure all three Living Dead spin-offs are hits. “Right now, we’re concentrating on these, but give us a little time and hopefully we can jump into other characters,” she explained. “In some ways, we’re working on some, but we’re not urgently working on them. We want these shows to stay on their feet and then start expanding the world again.”

The shows that Gimple and his team will be pushing for perfection are currently titled: The Walking Dead: Dead City, Daryl DixonY Rick and Michonne. the dead city The series will follow Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) as they explore the post-apocalyptic island of Manhattan, which has been cut off from mainland America. The couple, who were left establishing an awkward but less heated relationship at the end of The Walking Dead, they must discover its secrets and survive the inevitable dangers of the environment. Very little is known about what awaits Norman Reedus’ Daryl in Daryl Dixon, except that it will be set in Paris and that there are also walkers from all over Europe. Meanwhile, the Michonne and Rick spinoff is said to be shaping up to be “an epic love story of two characters changed by a world changed.” All three series are scheduled to air in 2023.

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Fans were given a glimpse of Rick & Michonne and what their spin-off might feature in the final moments of The Walking Dead. Rick briefly appeared at the end of “Rest In Peace” and was shown surrendering to a Civic Republic military helicopter. Rick’s appearance was interspersed with clips of Michonne carrying out her quest to find him, and she saw the character bravely riding into a horde of walkers on his armor-clad horse.

The Walking Dead Seasons 1-11 are available to stream on AMC+.

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