The Upcoming Indiana Jones Game Allegedly Blends First And Third-Person Gameplay



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  • The awaited Indiana Jones game allegedly blends first and third-person camera angles in gameplay, as stated by the renowned insider and co-founder of The XboxEra podcast, Nick Baker.
  • The camera perspectives will differ from Starfield’s and may resemble the gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077. It will be a fixed experience, making cameras unable to switch on a whim.
  • Nick Baker states that things are subject to change and he does not have more details regarding the gameplay. We suggest taking the rumors with a grain of salt until the devs confirm it.
  • The Indiana Jones project was announced two years ago in a short reveal trailer. There have been no official updates and no release window exists. We can expect it to release in a few years.

The new Indiana Jones game is among the most anticipated projects among gamers, but many details about it are still currently out in the wild. However, a notable leaker recently stepped up and unveiled a pretty crucial aspect of the gameplay. The users will reportedly be able to enjoy the MachineGames’ new project from both camera angles. In other words, we may have a gameplay system akin to the CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077.

According to XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game will incorporate both camera angles differently than Starfield. MachineGames studio is renowned for creating alluring first-person shooters, but the Wolfenstein devs are switching it up by allowing users to experience the chronicles of Indiana Jones in both ways. Regardless, the angles will be fixed and not switchable like in other Bethesda games.

Now I don’t know if it is finalized or not, because the game I think is still quite a bit away, but from what I’ve been told, from what I’ve heard, it’s going to be both. Not like Starfield where you get to pick, but there’ll be specific – as far as I’m aware, there’ll be specific sections. Some will be in third person, some will be in first person. I have no more detail than that.

It is worth noting that gamers could likely not switch camera perspectives on a whim in the new Indiana Jones project. We may get to experience a few story and gameplay moments in first-person and others in a third-person perspective. For instance, we may have third-person parts in gameplay where vehicles are involved.

Nick Baker also elaborates that he lacks the grainier details for the project since it is still so far away; the anticipated Indiana Jones game is subject to change completely. Despite the huge track record of the insider, we still suggest taking the new rumor with a grain of salt until it is confirmed officially by the devs.

Previously, some job listings revealed that the Indiana Jones game could be brewed in the Unreal Engine; the listings were later deleted for undisclosed reasons. Todd Howard has also called the title a “unique experience” in a past interview.

The much-awaited Indiana Jones game by Bethesda was revealed only two years ago, catching a lot of gazes from nostalgic fans despite any lack of crucial details. The surprising and short trailer did not reveal any gameplay, serving only as a small tease for the anticipated fans. The new leak has revealed a pretty significant part of gameplay; we can expect to relish the latest project by MachineGames in a few years, at the maximum.

No concrete release date for Xbox’s major Indiana Jones project currently exists, but we may learn more in one of the future game events. It is anticipated to release solely on PC and the Xbox Series console family alongside launching on Xbox Game Pass on day 1. In retrospect, Phil was initially considering bringing the entry to the PlayStation 5 but plans for it was ditched, likely since Bethesda came under the Microsoft umbrella.

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