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The Two of Them Are Pretty Much Like This Is 2022’s Most Heartwarming Yuri Series

Yuri is a fascinating genre, as it tackles a variety of subjects, all of which touch on very different themes. However, a common complaint about the genre is that it’s hard to find a realistic yuri romance. Many titles rely on fantastic concepts and wacky situations to stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless, They’re both pretty much like this is one of the most grounded yuri series to date. And, as a bonus, it’s the most moving series of 2022.

They’re both pretty much like this is written and illustrated by Takashi Ikeda, who fans of the manga will know from the critically praised romance manga. whispered words, which was adapted into an anime by AIC in 2009. The series first began on the pages of comic impulse magazine in 2020, and has been collected into four tankoban volumes. Seven Seas Entertainment has acquired the rights to localize the series in English and has released the first two volumes with the third volume scheduled for next year.

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The plot of the two is more or less like this

The manga follows two women, Sakuma Ellie and Inuzuka Wako. Sakuma is a 32-year-old screenwriter and Inuzuka is a twenty-two-year-old rookie voice actress. While in the eyes of strangers, they are just two women living together to make ends meet, when in reality, a romance is blossoming between them. Although the couple have very different attitudes, they deeply enrich each other’s lives. Because of this, the girls try to spend time together every day.

One of the most memorable things about They’re both pretty much like this it is how well founded it is. Sakuma and Inuzuka’s lives are very regular and mundane. There is no great adventure and the plot does not have fantastic elements. Most of the chapters focus on the small household events and interactions the couple deal with on a daily basis, from sharing sweets to doing chores and watching movies together. Even the grandest plot points are based on this domestic realism. Is all They’re both pretty much like this a calm and comfortable environment, capturing the feeling of being in a long-term relationship. And this makes it stand out when compared to other similar yuri manga.

The two of them are more or less like this they will warm the hearts

They're both pretty much like this 1

Also, Sakuma and Inuzuka are wonderfully realized characters with a lot of depth and nuance. While their relationship is cute, they are both shown to have insecurities and hang-ups that can cloud their mood or keep them up at night. While they get along well, they sometimes have a hard time communicating the things they want to say, which makes this relationship very realistic. In fact, it’s easy to forget that this manga isn’t an autobiographical piece, as Sakuma and Inuzuka feel like real people.

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Also, the manga is packed with fantastic art. Takashi Ikeda does a great job of conveying the varied emotions of the characters through visuals. Often the manga will switch to another visual style to really highlight how Sakuma or Inuzuka is feeling at the time, giving readers a fun glimpse into their inner lives.

It also beautifully captures the routine of working in a creative field. Throughout the manga, Sakuma and Inuzuka fight to get the jobs they want, frequently dealing with rejection and jobs that don’t go the way they imagined. Also, Sakuma and Inuzuka often debate if their work is good enough or if they will ever get to where they want to be with their careers. This is something that many readers will identify with, which makes this manga even more fascinating and immersive.

They’re both pretty much like this is by far the most heartwarming yuri series of the year. It is impossible to read without having warm and fuzzy feelings because of how wonderfully realized it is. Although the series focuses on very realistic moments, it perfectly captures the wonder of being in a warm and loving relationship. Taking the simple, quiet moments that couples experience on a day-to-day basis and turning them into a beautiful narrative of love and understanding, coming together to make this a must-read for yuri fans.

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