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Core points of Gamers

The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc

Bleach It is one of the best anime ever made. A respected member of the Big Three, it is peppered with incredible character designs, unique battle systems, unforgettable characters, a compelling plot, and relatable life lessons. His recent return to the screens after a 10-year hiatus is a testament to his huge fan base and popularity.

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The Thousand Year Blood War arc delves into the battle between Quincy and Shinigami, as well as Ichigo’s origins. Given the sheer number of interesting and charming characters featured, from villains to heroes, some moving statements are made. Be it haughty statements, skill preludes, or desperate requests, these words left a mark on the hearts of every fan.

10/10 “A villain.”

Abarai Renji To Mask Men’s

Abarai Renji suffers severe emotional and physical trauma during the first invasion. Fighting alongside his captain, Kuchiki Byakuya, Renji watches helplessly as his captain’s Bankai is stolen and used to destroy him. Before attacking, Masculine’s Mask knocks him out and incapacitates him.

After his training at Soul King Palace, Renji arrives just in time to stop Masculine’s Mask from killing Captain Otoribashii. When Masculine’s Mask asks him to identify himself, Renji calmly replies, “A villain.” Renji proceeds to use his new Bankai to defeat Masculine’s Mask, in a mesmerizing display of power.

9/10 “I’m here. What better security is there than that.”

Shigekuni Yamamoto to the invaders

yamamoto shigekuni

During the first invasion, 7 masked Sternritters storm the offices of the First Division, of which Shigekuni Yamamoto is the Captain. Surprised, the leader of the invading army comments that, to Headquarters, the office does not seem very interested in security. Yamamoto, finally turning to them, comments that he has nothing to fear.

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Having been the Head Captain of Soul Society for over 1000 years, his steely confidence is well founded. When Sasakibe is impaled against the wall by Quincy’s arrow, Yamamoto shows his prowess by rescuing Sasakibe with a lightning-fast Shunpo. He then tries to attack the invaders, but they escape, a wise decision on his part.

8/10 “I think you’ll find out it’s my turn.”

Nimaiya Oetsu to Gerrard Valkyrie

Nimaiya Oetsu

The Schutzstaffel refers to the elite bodyguards of Yhwach, the leader of the Army of Quincy. Composed of Lille Barro, Gerard Valkyrie, Pernida Parnkgjas, and Askin Nak Le Vaar, they are the most powerful Sternritter assigned to protect Yhwach. As they escort him to the Soul King Palace, they quickly make light work of Division Zero, before realizing that they were fighting an illusion.

As the veil is lifted, Nimaiya, the “Creator of all Zanpakuto”, appears. When the daredevil Gerard shrugs off Nimaiya’s blocking of his attack by saying that he “got lucky”, Nimaiya dodges and punches him, telling the Guard that he was its turn. In a spectacular display of skill, skill and strength, he takes down every one of the Schutztaffel.

7/10 “Please protect Soul Society, Kurosaki Ichigo.”

Kuchiki byakuya to ichigo

byakuya kuchiki

The Sternritter As Nodt is the owner of the ability known as “Fear”. By hitting an opponent with his modified arrows, As Nodt can induce feelings of utter terror in his opponents. Despite their initial realization that the Quincy can manipulate their Bankai, the Shinigami believe that they are sealing the Bankai and not stealing it.

Byakuya pays the price for this unfortunate miscommunication and has his Bankai stolen. After Ace Nodt uses it to viscerally rip him apart, Byakuya holds out until Ichigo arrives. Swallowing his pride and apologizing, Byakuya asks Ichigo to save them with his dying breath.

6/10 “Heal your wounds and wait, my precious child born in darkness.”

Yhwach Return to Kurosaki Ichigo

juha bach

After Ichigo escapes from Kirge Opie’s jail, he lands in a Soul Society that has been devastated by the Quincy invasion. Ichigo immediately fulfills Byakuya’s wish and confronts Yhwach and Hascwalth. However, his attacks are futile and end with Yhwach plunging his sword into his neck.

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However, to everyone’s surprise, Ichigo somehow activated Blut Vene, a defensive technique from Quincy, and managed to nullify the blow. Ichigo tries to fight back, but Hascwalth quickly breaks his sword. Yhwach, leaving, marvels at how little Ichigo knows about his origins. He utters the above and opens the way for Ichigo to learn about his true origins.

5/10 “Who do you think you’re talking to? I am Kyouraku Shunsui. The Captain Commander.

Kyouraku to Lille Barro

Kyouraku vs. Lille Barro

Kyouraku is one of the oldest and most powerful Shinigami in existence. When the Captain Commander dies, the Central 46 appoint Kyouraku in his place. His first task as the new head of the Soul Society is to eliminate the Quincy threat. When they arrive at the Soul King Palace, Kyouraku meets his first enemy, Lille Barro.

Surprising Quincy by appearing behind him, Kyouraku explains to the stunned Sternritter that he was merely observing an illusion. Lille refuses to accept that he made a mistake. This irritates Kyouraku, and he responds with the above, setting the stage for a key battle.

4/10 “A dead man”.

Kira Izuru to Lille Mud

Kira Izuru injured

Kira Izuru is the lieutenant of the 3rd Division. During the first invasion, she leads a force to anticipate the attack and defend against it. Unfortunately, she Kira is taken out as soon as the Quincys land. An arrow pierces her side, piercing a large hole through her right abdomen, effectively incapacitating him.

Fortunately, he is somewhat resurrected by the machinations of the Soul Society’s resident scientist, and he finds himself in the weakened form of Lille Barro. When asked who he is, Kira says that he is a dead man, leaving everyone in shock and disbelief about his new form and his possible abilities.

3/10 “Interesting. So you see me as Kurosaki Ichigo, right?”

Aizen Sosouke to Yhwach

Aizen in the Muken

During the first invasion, Yhwach visits Muken, the underground prison below the First Division headquarters where Aizen had been sentenced to 20,000 years. As Yhwach leaves, he attempts to extend his battle with Ichigo, but realizes his time is up.

Amazed by Aizen’s prowess, he mentions that he didn’t expect his perception to be altered by a bound Aizen. In the final battle, Aizen, Renji, and Ichigo form a team. Taking turns fighting Yhwach, the final twist has Aizen saying the above to Yhwach, a pivotal moment that turned the tide of that battle.

2/10 “I assure you that these words will not be the last.”

Uryuu Ishida to Kurosaki Ichigo

Uryuu vs. Hascwalth

The Thousand Year Blood War begins with Karakura 5 being a solid and happy unit. After the first round of attacks, Uryuu goes deeper into investigating his Quincy origins. After some time, Uryuu Ishida joins the Vandenreich and is declared Yhwach’s successor. He is also granted Schrift the Antithesis, an ability that Yhwach claims could surpass even his own.

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After attacking Ichigo and the crew to keep up his ruse, Uryuu continues his infiltration mission. When Hascwalth confronts Uryuu about this, Uryuu prepares to fight him. Despite Ichigo’s initial reservations, Uryuu assures him that he will not die, and the ensuing battle serves as a beautiful display of his newfound abilities.

1/10 “I am the Kenpachi.”

Zaraki Kenpachi to Gremmy Thomeaux

Zaraki vs. Gremmy

“Kenpachi” is a title given to the strongest Shinigami in the Soul Society. After the first invasion, despite killing 3 Sternritters by himself, Zaraki Kenpachi is simply defeated by Yhwach. After his recovery and healing, Kyouraku instructs Unohana to train Zaraki Kenpachi. By fighting Unohana repeatedly and defeating her, Zaraki is able to fully possess the title of Kenpachi.

After this, he meets Gremmy Thormeaux, a Sternritter with the ability to bend reality. By cutting it, he informs Kenpachi that he has made his body as hard as steel. Still in emotional pain after killing Unohana, Kenpachi simply replies that there’s nothing he can’t cut and proudly refers to himself by the nickname he inherited from her.

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