The Swarm Destiny 2 God Roll for PvE and PvP Season of Defiance



The Swarm minigun is a returning Vanguard weapon from a couple of years ago. It is a 360 RPM Arc machine gun with a high impact frame. The gun has a low rate of fire but each bullet hits like a truck. It’s not Xenophane, but it handles a lot better than a rapid-fire machine gun, especially at longer ranges.

Why would you want to use this and not something more useful like the Thunderlord? Simple. Maybe you want to use another exotic in the primary or energy slots. Witherhoard and Fighting Lion come to mind for dealing with mobs. With the right perks, this can be decent against bosses in most PvE endgame content.

When this weapon first came out it was pretty disappointing. Bungie has since updated the perk pool and given it some pretty strong perks like Rangefinder, Golden Tricorn, and the new Target Lock. And it even comes with a couple of Origin traits that the previous weapon didn’t have.

Swarm Base Stats

Here are the weapon’s stats before the perks are applied:

  • Impact: 70
  • Range: 69
  • Stability: 33
  • Driving: 35
  • reload speed: 38
  • Zoom: sixteen
  • Rounds per Minute: 360
  • Magazine: 47

Stat wise, The Swarm has a better stat spread compared to others of the same frame and item. This becomes apparent when compared to Seventh Seraph SAW and Terminus Horizon. Still, the weapon won’t be meta-defining, but it will serve you well if you get used to its rate of fire and recoil.

How to get the swarm and its expert version

The Swarm can be acquired from the loot chest at the end of a Nightfall mission. It’s never a guarantee, but you have better odds by completing Legend and Master difficulty. The expert version of the weapon can only be acquired from Grandmaster Nightfalls. To get the most out of the activity, you’ll need to earn a Platinum score.

Once you’ve unlocked the weapon by acquiring an instance of it, you can focus on decoding Zavala’s Vanguard Engrams until you get a perfect roll for yourself. Note that in order to focus Adept weapons, you will need Nightfall Ciphers.

The Swarm Perk Pool

Advantages of the third column

  • feeding frenzy
  • impromptu hit
  • Rangefinder
  • well rounded
  • Genesis
  • Dynamic Roll Reduction

advantages of the fourth column

  • Dragon-fly
  • touch the trigger
  • Boxer
  • golden tricorne
  • target locked
  • vorpal weapon

The Swarm PvP God Rolls

  • 1st column: full
  • 2nd column: precise rounds
  • Rank Masterwork
  • Backup Mag Mod
  • Dynamic Roll Reduction + Touch Trigger
  • Rangefinder + Touch Trigger

This combination will grant 100 Range for the weapon. It will come at the cost of a bit of handling and stability, but at best they are not factors when this weapon gets going. This setup will also give you a magazine size of 61. It won’t matter much in PvP, but you better have it. You can trade Backup Mag for a Counterweight Stock Mod to get that recoil direction up to a nice 94 at the cost of resetting your magazine to its default 47 rounds.

This is more useful at longer ranges. And it’s a submachine gun, so it’s going to shred at medium ranges. Just don’t think you can win fights against an SMG or shotgun at their intended ranges.

We’re a little hesitant to suggest Rangefinder until we know the full scope of the nerfs. But if you come across a rangefinder and it hits the trigger roll, it may be worth holding on to. In either case, if you get this roll, you’ll be using this weapon as a Xenophage and hitting heads from long range.

You also have options like Boxer that can help you get your charged melee back up quicker and helps improve your handling a bit. However, it won’t matter much if you don’t intend to use your charged melee yet.

The Swarm PvE God Rolls

  • 1st column: arrowhead brake
  • 2nd column tactical magazine
  • Rank Masterwork
  • Backup Mag Mod
  • Dynamic Roll Reduction + Aim Lock
  • Feeding Frenzy + Golden Tricorne

The Dynamic Sway and Target Lock combination is good for bosses and most endgame content. The Feeding Frenzy and Golden Tricorn combination, on the other hand, is good for crowd control. The idea here is to have sustained shots with the Tactical Mag. The Arrowhead Brake brings the recoil direction to 100, so you will be fully vertical the entire time. You can also search for rolls with Appended Mag and Extended Mag if you are running Actium War Rig.

Target Lock is the clear winner here, closely followed by Golden Tricorn. And while we don’t recommend Dragonfly, it’s a fun perk all the same.

Overall, the Swarm is a decent weapon to have in your back pocket. Hopefully, we’ll get some Arc-related artifact mods next season. Maybe then the gun will finally shine. But we will have to wait and see. Good luck and have fun, Guardians.

fate 2 Season 21 Season of the Deep will be released on May 23, 2023 after the weekly reset.



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