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The Suicide Squad Concept Art Reveals Idris Elba’s Scrapped Deadshot Costume

Some official James Gunn concept art the suicide squad has surfaced online, showing off Idris Elba’s abandoned Deadshot costume.

The image is part of a collection shared by concept artist David Levy on behaviour. The piece in question shows Elba hanging from the ruins of the Jotunheim facility in a costume that closely resembles Will Smith’s Deadshot gear from David Ayer’s 2016 version. Suicide Equipment.

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When Elba joined the cast of the suicide squad in March 2019, it was reported that he would replace Will Smith as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot. However, it was later revealed that Elba would be playing a new character, believed by many (including team members) to be Adrian Chase/Vigilante. “To prevent the Idris Elba character from coming out, we called him Vigilante in the script and on the back of his chair,” Gunn later said. “We kept it so under wraps that we were a week away from shooting and production designer Beth Mickle said, ‘Wait, isn’t that Vigilante?'” Elba echoed the director’s sentiments, saying, “It was nothing more than a hoax. We just needed to give it a name because we didn’t know which character from the DC Universe we were going to use.” Freddie Stroma went on to play Vigilante in Pacifier, the suicide squadThe spin-off directed by John Cena.

In August 2020, Elba’s role was revealed to be that of Robert DuBois/Bloodsport. Rumors then surfaced suggesting that Gunn wanted Elba for Deadshot, but then decided to switch gears and change Elba’s character to leave the door open for Smith to return in later installments. “Those rumors would be natural because Will said he wouldn’t be joining the second movie,” Elba said in August 2021. “So, it was quite natural that the public or the fans would think that I would take over the character of Deadshot because the Deadshot character lived on. in the other movie. But I’m very pleased that James [Gunn] I didn’t want to do that; I didn’t want to do that. Deadshot is a great character and Will kills him, so he was very interested in having the audience and the fans keep that buzz going. Surprise!”

Although Elba has apparently dismissed rumors of replacing Smith, this new concept art suggests that the actor was considered for the role of Deadshot early in the film’s production. The abandoned idea would make sense given that Elba’s Bloodsport and Smith’s Deadshot share similar character arcs in their respective films: both are expert marksmen motivated by a desire to reconnect with their estranged daughters. However, where Smith’s return is still unknown, Elba’s future in the DC Universe seems more secure.

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In August, journalist Erik Davis shared that according to Elba, the actor “has something really big cooking up for DC right now.” No details are available about the project, but Elba has expressed interest in visiting Bloodsport’s infamous altercation with Superman in which the assassin shot the Man of Steel with a Kryptonite bullet. “It wouldn’t be next, it would be what came before. I’d be very interested to know why it went to [Belle Reve]why did he shoot Superman, “he said.” I’d love to see that narrative come to life.”

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