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The Strongest Superman Ever Is an All-Powerful Cosmic Robot God

Superman is often portrayed as one of the most powerful comic book superheroes ever. However, some versions of him are more powerful than others, with the deus ex machina being the Silver Age Superman being light years beyond the Golden Age Superman comparatively at street level. Perhaps the most powerful iteration of Superman, created by writer Grant Morrison, was also the hero’s strangest.

Cosmic Armor Superman was essentially a Fourth Wall-breaking deity and embodied all things comic book fandom. This made him the perfect character to appear in one of Grant Morrison’s multiversal games. Here’s what fans need to know about Cosmic Armor Superman’s powers and how the robot feeds off of his own love for the character.

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Where did Superman of the Cosmic Armor come from?

The Thought Robot/Cosmic Superman made his first and only appearance in Superman beyond 3D by Grant Morrison and Doug Manke, which takes place between the events of the last crisis Cross. The story of the issue involved Mandrakk the Dark Monitor, who threatened to literally suck all life and hope out of fiction. Superman, the most perfect distillation of heroism, is thrown into comic book limbo by the Monitors, who seek to save and maintain the balance of the multiverse.

Superman merges with his Crime Syndicate counterpart Ultraman to form the Thought Robot known as Cosmic Armor Superman. This new being defeats all other versions of the character with pure strength, eventually defeating Mandrakk after speaking directly to the reading audience. Though he was quickly deactivated afterwards, this version of Superman wielded almost untold power in his brief appearance.

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The Power of Superman Cosmic Armor


The Cosmic Armor Superman robot is described as a literal plot device. Composed of pure thoughts, the robot reacts to an opponent’s strength and power, increasing its own in response to always overcome any danger. He can recover from damage and manipulate his body to better accomplish this task, becoming not only more resilient but even bigger in the face of immense threats.

He also has spatial and transdimensional awareness, allowing him to fend off dimensional and plot manipulation that would attempt to erase him from existence. His strength and speed transcend anything imaginable and are not restricted by the limits of other beings throughout the multiverse, also allowing Limbo to be literally contained in his grasp. All of these strengths combine with absolutely no weaknesses, as Cosmic Armor Superman is designed to respond and eliminate any and all threats to himself and the multiversal and somehow emerge victorious.

Due to this overpowered, omniversal nature, there have yet to be any more appearances from this high-concept incarnation of DC’s greatest superhero. The fact that he so casually interacts with various universes and realities would require a story along the lines of crisis on infinite earths to really display. So it’s unlikely that this version of the Man of Steel will be seen outside of the comics any time soon, especially since he’s so esoteric even within the comics.

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