The Story of an Abandoned Village in Baghdad (Walkthrough)


Many stories of Baghdad are spread across the map of AC Mirage. AC Mirage Abandoned Village Tale of Baghdad stands out from the rest because of the various clues that you need to explore without being given any specific directions.

Key takeaways

  • gave Abandoned village The story of AC Marriage involves investigating the disappearance of villagers.
  • Located in Forest areasouthwest of the AC Mirage map.
  • Usage Eagle Vision Explore different locations in the village to find clues, and face dangers like leopards.
  • Solving the mystery leads to a tragic story of theft gone wrong, resulting in the deaths of villagers from the toxic fumes of the stolen goods.
  • You will be rewarded. Crossing Paths Trophy/success at the end
AC Mirage Abandoned Village (Photo courtesy of us)

AC Mirage Abandoned Village Tale of Baghdad is a fairly short sidequest that requires you to investigate the disappearance of many villagers in a short period of time.

However, finding all the clues can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Location of Abandoned Village

AC Mirage Abandoned Village Map Location (Photo courtesy of us)

If not already marked on your map, Abandoned village I can be found in the southwest part of the map. Forest area.

  • To go directly to a location, use A place of fast travel At the top of the Abbasi And continue to move towards the west.
  • Upon arrival, you’ll hear the screams of a man begging for help.

Starting the story

Talking to the man (screenshot via eXputer)

After arriving at the Abandoned Village, talk to the man screaming for help about what’s going on.

  • In a set of dialogues, he will tell you how everyone in the village suddenly disappeared.
  • He would claim that it was because of a SyllaA part of Arabic mythology, referring to a supernatural spirit such as a Jinn or Ghoul.
  • Bassem doesn’t immediately believe him but still offers to help the man by investigating.

Looking for clues.

Use Eagle Vision to discover clues (Photo by eXputer)

After the dialogue ends, you need to find seven clues scattered throughout the village to solve the mystery of the villagers’ disappearance. The best way to get these clues is to use your Eagle Vision. The clue will be highlighted. Red or orangeand as you approach them, you will have the opportunity to interact with them.

  1. Follow the man up the stairs to find your first clue: a dead body.
  2. Turn right into the hut with the open door to find your next clues.
  3. Exit and continue down the coast to find more clues, like wagon tracks and more.
  4. On the beach, you’ll have to compete against one. Leopards.
  5. Kill the leopard to interact with the final clue.
  6. Back to the man.

Solving the mystery

Confronting Man (Photo by eXputer)

After analyzing all the clues, Bassem will figure out what happened and confront the man with everything he’s got.

  • The man would reveal that he intended to steal from her Chinese businessman.
  • They were in the goods they had stolen. Toxic fumespossibly belonging to alchemists.
  • Villagers die because of it, while the man who was responsible for the idea starts over.
  • The quest will end and the man will leave in shame.
  • Crossing Paths After completing the quest the trophy/achievement will be unlocked.

My take on the Abandoned Village story

AC Mirage has many Baghdad stories, but in my experience, Abandoned Village One is relatively easy because the clues are in one place. Some of the other stories require you to travel quite far from the starting area, making it harder to complete. If you find such quests interesting, I’d recommend checking out. Please solve this problem for me quickly. And Harbiya Engimas To get a similar experience.

With this, you know everything about AC Mirage Abandoned Village and how to solve this mystery. This is an interesting story set in Baghdad where you search for clues to find out what happened to the villagers. While you’re already exploring, you should check out. Market chest Or on my guide Calling Be sure to check out Quest Osama as well AC Marriage Review To get his overall thoughts on the game.


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