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The Sisterhood Co-Showrunner Exits the HBO Max Series

Diane Ademu-John is leaving HBO Max’s Dune: The Sisterhood as co-showrunner as production begins on the Dune prequel series.

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Diane Ademu-John Will No Longer Co-Produce Upcoming HBO Max Series Dune prequel series, Dune: The Brotherhood.

As reported today by TermAdemu-John steps down as co-showrunner of Dune: The Brotherhood, which has just entered production. She remains attached to Dune prequel series as an executive producer, but is now focusing on other commitments. As such, Alison Schapker will be the sole showrunner of the Brotherhood going forward

Schapker and Ademu-John are executive producers. the Brotherhood together with Johan Renck, who also directs the Dune Premiere episode of the prequel. Yesterday, November 22, Renck took to Instagram to announce that he had begun filming for the show. “On this day, we started filming Dune: The Brotherhood for HBO Max”, wrote the director. “Through machinations that took place millennia before history known to all, we descend into the coven that will one day be called the Bene Gesserit. Say it with me: ‘I need not fear. Fear is the murderer of mind. Fear is the little death that leads to total destruction.'”

Dune: The Brotherhood is currently in production. The HBO Max series does not have a release date at the moment

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