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The Seinfeld Theme Song Really Had Nearly 200 Different Versions

Among the numerous comedians who parleyed standup success into sitcom fame, Jerry Seinfeld — and his eponymous “show about nothing” — exists on a stage solely his personal. Premiering in 1989, Seinfeld nonetheless proves to be a scores juggernaut, with Netflix reportedly paying $500 million in 2019 for the rights to stream the collection for 5 years.

Since its debut, a long time of followers have come to adore Cosmo Kramer’s explosive entrances, George Costanza’s apoplectic outbursts and Elaine Benes’s funky dance strikes. And in fact, there’s Jerry, who opened many of the collection’ 180 episodes with a short standup routine, which set the tone for that week’s episode. The routine additionally influenced the opening theme tune’s stylings, which — regardless of what one might keep in mind — was totally different for every episode.

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Unlike most sitcoms of the period, which usually featured lyrical themes songs, the theme for Seinfeld contains a singular mix of sounds, starting from slap bass to tongue clicks and cheek pops. Yes, a lot of the sound in Seinfeld‘s theme was made by composer Jonathan Wolff, who composed the theme songs for Will & Grace, Who’s the Boss? and Married… with Children, and lots of different well-known collection. In an interview with E!, Wolff recalled receiving a name from Jerry Seinfeld. According to Wolff, Seinfeld reached out as a result of the creatives behind the collection had been having a tough time deciding on a theme tune for the comic’s present. Since every episode of the present would open with a special standup routine, a typical rating wasn’t working.

To handle the problem, Wolff knew that commonplace devices would not work, as they’d compete with the tone and timber of Seinfeld’s voice. Instead, Wolff recorded a collection of sounds that he created along with his mouth. Then, watching the chosen standup, Wolff would tweak the tempo, pitch and general sound to match the given routine, utilizing Seinfeld’s supply because the inspiration for the melody. By embracing a extra modular idea, Wolff was capable of rework the theme tune every week, creating a well-known sound that was subtly totally different every time. Over the course of Seinfeld‘s run, Wolff created over 170 variations of the theme tune. Interestingly, Wolff’s tackle the tune nearly did not make it previous NBC brass.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the executives at NBC weren’t followers of the sound Wolff created. Not surprisingly, NBC known as a gathering to debate the tune. Seinfeld co-creator Larry David invited Wolff to affix him and Seinfeld on the assembly. The execs questioned the sound, asking Wolff, “‘Is that real music?” Wolff also recalls Warren Littlefield, then-president of NBC Entertainment, saying, “It’s bizarre. It’s distracting. It’s annoying.” Littlefield’s use of “annoying” truly saved Wolff’s idea. The composer famous that David “lives for annoying! That’s his primary goal in life!” So, when discussions ultimately turned to altering the tune, Wolff supplied to take one other stab at it. David, nonetheless, put his foot down and insisted Wolff’s authentic idea be used for the collection.

In the top, these odd tongue clicks, cheek pops and slap bass obtained the seal of approval, with Wolff modifying the tune every week to align with Jerry Seinfeld’s standup routine. In the 2020s, when many collection have dropped theme songs solely, it is unimaginable to know that Seinfeld not solely had a theme tune, however there have been 173 variations of it!

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