The Rumored Red Dead Remaster Could Also Release On Nintendo Switch



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  • A recent leak spotted via Rockstar Games‘ new site update revealed the Red Dead Redemption remaster logo and codename.
  • The leaker who spotted these changes in the website also found the addition of RDR1 to the rating list of modern site modules.
  • They found that PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Switch were newly added as platform buttons for the game.
  • Considering all the recent changes, it could entail that Red Dead Redemption Remaster or the original Red Dead Redemption will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Twitter user Tez2 has found a series of recent changes in Rockstar Games’ site update that could hint toward a Red Dead Redemption remaster or the original game’s release on Nintendo Switch. If true, this means that gamers might be able to replay the Red Dead Redemption story on last-gen, next-gen, and even Nintendo Switch. Even so, the site changes do not guarantee platform availability

The addition of the new platform buttons is to give people the ability to choose a platform of their choice. The original game was released in 2010 on PS3 and Xbox 360. Considering the recent appearance of the Red Dead Redemption remaster’s logo and its codename “RDR1RSP,” Rockstar Games has likely planned to release the remaster on Nintendo Switch, despite it being much less powerful than the next-gen.

Although the leaker emphasizes that this is not indicative of platform availability, it is unlikely that Rockstar Games added it for something else since no Red Dead game has been released on Switch. As such, this might finally be the time for players to enjoy the Red Dead Redemption story on all major platforms. There is still one confusing aspect of this update that we can only confirm once an official announcement has been made.

Red Dead Redemption
Screenshot from Red Dead Redemption.

The leaker mentioned that Nintendo Switch was added alongside PS3 and Xbox 360, both consoles from two generations ago. It is uncommon for publishers to release remasters on even PS4 and Xbox One, let alone their predecessors. So, we cannot see Rockstar Games going in that direction; instead, this might indicate the availability of all Red Dead games.

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