The Pokemon Company tweeted an apology for the lack of the Van Go product line.



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  • The Pokemon Company has tweeted an apology following the launch of its collaborative Van Go product line.
  • According to the company, supply ran out due to excessive demand. Fans, on the other hand, believe that scalpers were able to take advantage of the poorly managed release.

gave Pokemon The company has issued an apology to its fans for the poorly organized launch of its collaborative product line at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Based on the company’s tweet, certain products have sold out due to high demand. After the apology, the company said it is working on ways to provide more “Pikachu with Gray Felt Hat” promo cards to fans who make purchases from the Pokemon Center in the future.

On the other hand, fans have reason to believe that this is not a case of excessive demand, but rather a situation where certain rules were not applied. In a short clip shared by @deals_pokemon, we can see that people were able to freely seize any product within their boundaries, possibly without any restrictions or regulators on the scene. According to fans, such behavior indicates that items are being ordered to be flipped at exorbitant prices.

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Several people have expressed their displeasure at the scene, citing how scalpers have ruined anything related to the hobby in recent years. Pokemon itself has been prone to such extreme cases that limited edition booster pack boxes have gone out of stock, only to resurface on retailers’ sites for astronomically high prices. In 2021, scalpers managed to get through a local Walmart in Pennsylvania to get the card. Much to the dismay of fans.

Back during the beginning of SonyOf PlayStation 5 In 2020, during the COVID pandemic, scalpers managed to get almost every single unit from official retailers. The situation caused by global shortages affecting supply from the background was exacerbated by scalpers. As a result console prices are going into the stratosphere, consumers are paying extra out of desperation, and scalpers are enjoying the benefits of a free market.

Although the Pokemon Company has provided a statement on the situation, it does not appear that Van Gogh’s product line will be fully restored.

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