The newly discovered Starfield bug gives players a free stash of loot every 24 hours.



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  • A huge bug has been discovered in Starfield that gives players a large amount of loot every 24 hours. It was reported by YouTuber The Illusive Gamer, and the forums are full of fans talking about it.
  • This bug is found in the western-themed capital city of Aquila City in the Cheyenne Star System. It can be accessed by walking up to the puddle in front of Shepard’s General Store and hovering the mouse over it.
  • It is currently unclear whether Bethesda intentionally included this glitch to evoke past games or if it was a true accident. The devs haven’t fixed the recurring bug in the latest hotfix.
  • Starfield is out for PC globally on September 6th. Xbox Series S, and Series X. Despite some criticism, it has been a huge success for the studio. And now, the RPG has become the team’s biggest launch to date.

Starfield Hardly a week has been out, and players have already stumbled upon a massive game-changing bug. The glitch rewards users for discovering it and showers them with tons of free items, enough to fill one’s entire inventory. The giant bug was reported by a YouTuber. The Illusive Gamer over it X handle (formerly known as Twitter), and has now gained considerable traction in forums and similar game ecosystems.

This bug is found in the Western-style capital. A lonely city In the Cheyenne Star System. walking Shepard’s General Store can be accessed by moving the mouse over and in front of it. Full store stock In other words for consumers, you can Grab all the stuff Walk into the store without paying a dime and without the space police chasing your back. This bug can be a huge game changer as it resets every 24 hours.

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The game has gained a lot recently A coffee hotfix which addresses something. The most common problems. However, the team apparently is Missed out On patching the recurring error discussed above. This means players can still get the entire inventory worth of items for free every 24 hours.

Whether the devs added the bug on purpose remains a mystery, but it’s a welcome development for many users, to say the least. Bethesda has yet to comment on the massive amount of attention the new bug is getting from fans. We can expect this to last until the next hotfix, or maybe forever if it was intentional.

Starfield is an enjoyable game for users who treat it as a character. The greatest Bethesda kill It has received critical acclaim despite its fair share of criticism after developing over a 25-year period. In early access, Starfield was already there Achieved one million subscribers Only with Premium Edition owners. It didn’t take long for a space-faring RPG to assemble on one, either Million concurrent users after its official release.

The player base has grown since then. Up to six million installsas it grew to become Bethesda’s biggest title to date. However, some users have struggled to run the title on beefy PCs. Todd Howard has it. urged to update their devices.. Players without the cash to upgrade can rely on a large ecosystem of mods to enjoy the massive Starfield universe. A certain modder has already made it. It is possible to run the game even for a weak PC..

Bethesda’s flagship exclusive is now available on all current-gen devices on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S only. Starfield runs on one. Locked to 30fps on consoles. But one is perfect 60 fps on PC Any technical limitations preventing its implementation. No announcement. About 60 FPS patch for consoles has been made yet.

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