The new Starfield Mod makes the game AI smarter, solving a major dilemma.



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  • A new Starfield mod from NickMillion makes the game AI smarter, making enemies more realistic with better stealth and combat systems.
  • This mod has several separate downloadable files that can be downloaded to change different aspects of the game AI.
  • Starfield launched globally on September 6 for PC, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.

Starfield has launched to critical acclaim, but not everyone was satisfied with the game’s AI at certain moments. Enemies in the game Get confused easily. During ground combat. This has been a major concern among fans, but modder NickMillion He has taken it upon himself to solve this problem. Nick has it. Made a mod that makes the AI ​​smarter. And more natural to further expand the wider Starfield universe.

The (probably) most in-depth review of Starfield’s AI ever. Many scripts contain about 100 configurable parameters.

mod dub”Experimental combat and stealth AI overhauls” Features multiple downloadable files with different tweaks. Players can grab any specific tweak that appeals to them and apply it to Starfield. For better enemy AI. An optional feature in the mod can also help change the HP of enemies and players alike for a more realistic plan.

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