The new Lords of the Fallen patch is out now, bringing a ton of improvements.


Highlights of the story

  • Lords of the Fallen is the latest action RPG to grace the hellish genre of modern-day video games, releasing on October 13, 2023.
  • The game features a unique circle-changing mechanic, among other new features that make it a standout title. The difficulty aspect remains the same as other Soulslike titles.
  • A promising new update has been rolled out for Lords of the Fallen on all platforms, bringing a lot of new changes and improving the title in various ways.

Lords of the Fallen, the first game from developer Hexworks – a studio of Poland-based publisher CI Games – is a new Soulslike take on the ARPG genre with a novel “realm-switching” mechanic. The title recently launched on all modern platforms, and with it, a new update to accommodate new players and ensure their time spent playing the game goes swimmingly. Date is introduced.

Lords of the Fallen Patch v1.1.191 on Steam

Steaming in one Official blog postthe developers shared, “We have worked diligently to fix some issues that have unfortunately affected some of our players. Rest assured that our commitment to enabling more people to immerse themselves in our game world is what drives our passion.Thus, the new update introduces numerous new improvements.

This sums it up as Lord of the Fall Patch v1.1.191 Eliminates some of the most obvious pain points for PC players when playing games. According to the details shared, this includes constant crashing, unstable frame rates, and GPU-related crashes. With all this in mind, the developers have made the following efforts to prevent bugs and bugs from getting in the way of the best Lords of the Fall experience.

Major resolutions of the latest Lords of the Fallen patch.

Addressing the issue of Older drivers, now starting Lords of the Fallen on your PC will prompt it to check for upcoming driver updates, and then speed them up if possible. This is because according to the devs, most of the crashes are caused by non-updated graphics drivers. Additionally, the “frame generation” feature has been temporarily disabled in an effort to further reduce crashes.

An alternative to fixing Lords of Crashing issues

The patch notes for the action RPG’s latest update also talk about a workaround that players can potentially manually access to fix Lords of the Fallen’s crashing issues. Here’s the idea Disable PSOs. (pipeline state object) has been causing some sudden shutdowns for the game since then, especially after the first cinematic shown after launching the title. Developers say,

An issue has been identified with engine code accounting for Pipeline State Objects (PSOs) in Sentry. This issue resulted in crashes when compiling shaders after the game’s first cinematic. EPIC has been quick and efficient in providing a fix, which has now been integrated into the game and should fix most issues.

So, here’s what you need to do to disable PSOs in Lords of the Fallen.

  1. Go to your “Library” in Steam, then access the “Properties” section of the game.
  2. In the window that appears later, under the General tab, input “–.nopsos“Launch Options” in the command line interface below.
  3. Relaunch Lords of the Fallen to apply the changes.
Disabling PSOs for Lords of the Fallen

Please be aware that disabling PSOs in the game may cause micro-freezes, which are short visual stutters, when entering a new area in the game. However, on the bright side, doing this should get you through the opening sequence of Lords of the Fallen without any major mishaps. If you’re having other issues with the title, be sure to check it out Performance Troubleshooting Guide Which is put together by the devs.

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Lords of the Fallen was released on October 13, 2023. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. After a short delay in releasing a new update for Xbox, The patch is now available on the aforementioned platforms. as well as.

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