The New GI Joe Snake Eyes Game Has Entered Pre-Production



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  • The new GI Joke Snake Eyes title has entered the pre-production stage after staying in the concept stage for nearly two years.
  • Atomic Arcade is brewing the AAA game with the help of Hasbros and Wizards of the Coast.

The new GI Joe Snake Eyes title has entered the pre-production phase of its development. The news was revealed on Wednesday by one of the studios, Atomic Arcade, working on the AAA project. It had been in the concept phase for nearly two years, helping the team decide the exact direction and art style for the game. The game has recently received its first dev update blog, and the team is incredibly excited to move forward.

We recently hosted the leadership team from Wizards of the Coast here at our Raleigh, North Carolina studio to share our progress over the past year and half developing the concept for the GI Joe Snake Eyes Game and we are incredibly proud and excited to share that we have officially moved out of our Concept phase and started the Pre-Production phase of development.”

The blog also discusses how the devs have toiled hard to get to this point. As revealed in the new blog, the new phase is focused on getting the devs ready for full production. The devs at Atomic Arcade completed phase one earlier this year with the help of Hasbros and Wizard of the Coast; the next phase starts in the coming year.

We will be working on many important things like finalizing development pipelines, identifying and hitting visual and performance targets, and culminating in a vertical slice milestone that will demonstrate a final quality cross-section of gameplay loops, technology, features, mechanics, art, and audio that will be part of the final version of the game.”

The team behind the AAA GI Joe Snake Eyes project has grown significantly since its concept phase started. Wizards of the Coast first unveiled it would be helming the new GI Joe game two years ago, with its newly founded Raleigh-Durham studio, Atomic Arcade, leading the way in development.

The G.I. Joe series has seen a plethora of games over the years, with the first title, G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike, released in 1983 on the Atari. G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout, a third-person shooter, was the last game to release in the series in 2020.

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