The new Counter Strike 2 patch fixed hitboxes, knife spinning, memory leaks, and more


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  • The new Counter-Strike 2 update adds a knife-wielding addition. Other players’ feet will also not be black when viewed from the scope of the gun.
  • Memory leaks caused by particles in Counter Strike 2 and other similar problems have been developed to improve performance.
  • Loads causing the loadout to not be saved and some map related bugs won’t be there either courtesy The valve.

Valve is making huge progress with all the new patches that are coming out for Counter Strike 2. The new update apparently fixes a bunch of bugs and glitches. Which was making users question the evolution of the game. Arguably, the most noticeable change is the increase in knife rotation speed. It looked pretty weird after the game moved into its new phase, but the patch has increased its speed to feel like how we remember it.

Players who used scopes to see other players’ feet will no longer see them as completely black. The update also addresses a few performance issues. Addressed memory leaks for users at random intervals due to particles in Counter-Strike 2. Improvements were also made to improve CPU performance for weapon detectors. All this should make the game smoother by a mile.

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Additionally, Counter-Strike 2 had some issues with player hitboxes, but that seems to have been fixed as well. Several bugs related to hitbox alignment are now fixed. The new gun animations have been pretty cool, but not every gun animation always works for the community. The bolt will now move forward for the M4A4 and M4A1-S deployment animations unlike before.

Valve has also squashed a bug where the weapon inspection option could block the silencer toggle animation. Many other anomalies with Mirage, Vertigo, and Nuke maps have also been fixed or tweaked but not explained. Weapon complements, stickers, and “Looking to play” feature also got a little love from the dev.

Users who reported loadout changes not saving after closing the game soon will also no longer have to deal with this dilemma. A matchmaking data center is now also available in the Chengdu, China region for better performance of local players.

While most fans have embraced Counter-Strike 2 with open arms, some have been wary of adapting it. Features, game mods, and bugs are in place.. Regardless, the devs are adding servers to more regions and fixing bugs to make the game enjoyable for new and old players alike.

Counter Strike 2 launched. September 27, 2023, replacing the original CS:GO as a major update and ending its dominance in the FPS genre to start anew. Its release on other platforms doesn’t seem likely yet, but a leak has hinted at it in the past. The title may also come to mobile.

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