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The Naruto X UT OVA Was the Famed Shonen Franchise’s Biggest Missed Opportunity 

the naruto the franchise is huge, even when its sequel is skipped, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The anime had an impressive 720 episodes, eleven movies, and twelve OVAs released over the course of its adaptation.

One of the most notable things about naruto it was that he wasn’t afraid to try new things, often combining his fantasy action with different genres to surprising effect. an ovule, naruto x ut, he did this in a fascinating way and this OVA is one of the most outstanding missed opportunities in the franchise. RELATED: My Hero Academia: The Paranormal Liberation Front Organizational Chart, Explained

Naruto X UT Story

Naruto X UT is the eighth Naruto OVA. The OVA begins with Sakura holding Naruto’s seemingly lifeless body. Naruto’s hand falls lifeless to the ground, suggesting that he died moments before the OVA began. Kakashi stands nearby, seemingly struggling to look at the body of his defeated friend.

The audience is then treated to a montage of moments from Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha’s history. From their first meeting to their various fights with other people and with each other. This concludes with the pair facing off again, fighting harder than ever. After a large explosion, the men are seen in a white void with Sasuke looking at Naruto’s fallen body. Fortunately, the OVA then cuts back to the opening scene, when Naruto reveals that he is alive, much to Sakura’s relief. The OVA then shows Sasuke looking on, suggesting that their rivalry is far from over and that they will meet again one day.

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This OVA is amazingly artistic and comes close naruto in a unique but absolutely fascinating way. Starting with the shot of Naruto’s dead body and then telling the story through a flashback, it draws the viewer in by subverting their expectations and breaking away from the show’s usual pacing, giving the story a lot of stakes right from the start. And this is only made better by the OVA’s amazing use of sound. Outside of the flashback sequence, the OVA features no dialogue and little sound, with most shots featuring only the wind and Sakura’s sobs. This gives the footage of Naruto’s limp body a heavy atmosphere, showing the weight of this moment and capturing the shock felt by the other characters. The flashback is accompanied by naruto shippuden Closing theme number 16, “Midnight Orchestra”, by Aqua Timez. This song works surprisingly well as a flashback montage soundtrack, and the fact that it’s an ending theme helps convey the idea that this could be Naruto’s final moments.

Also, this flashback format helps to land from naruto he fights and gives more weight to everything around him. While Naruto frequently fights to beat the odds, audiences rarely see him beaten like this. He helps remind the audience that while the combat sequences are flashy, Naruto is only one fight away from a terrible ending. And that every battle is a risky endeavor, which only makes everything you see after this OVA more biting.

In many ways, you could consider this OVA a precursor to the one from 2014. the last one: naruto the movie, how do you take both from naruto characters and story, but present them differently, using the genre conventions of another genre to tell their story in a way that recontextualizes the plot beats the audience already knows.

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Why the collaboration was a missed opportunity

Naruto x UT 1

Unfortunately, one of the main problems with Naruto X UT it is his method of liberation. This OVA was made to promote the clothing line of the fashion brand Uniqlo. naruto-branded shirts Because of this, the OVA was only distributed at Uniqlo stores, and you could only get your hands on it if you bought one of the naruto t-shirts while the promotion was running. This means that this OVA is exceptionally rare today, as only around 200,000 DVDs are predicted to have been distributed. This means that this one-off OVA is now one of the hardest-to-find pieces of naruto goods. And hence it is frequently overlooked by most of the fans as it is not easy to find.

Also, the OVA is painfully short, clocking in at six minutes. Most of it is recycled footage from the anime, which means this awesome concept doesn’t have the time or budget it needs to establish itself or show what it could do. It’s a shame, as this concept could be used to tell a fascinating story that puts a whole new spin on the naruto franchise.

It’s a shame this OVA is so hampered by its release method. The darker and more grounded flashback format could be used to tell so many gripping and impactful stories that immerse viewers in the world of naruto and show the inherent risks and dangers that lurk in the world, waiting for their moment to strike. Hopefully one day this format will be reviewed and used to its full potential. Until then, Naruto X UT remains a footnote in the history of naruto, a tantalizing taste of what might have been. But, as a standalone OVA, it’s simply a missed opportunity to do something absolutely awesome with the franchise.

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