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The Lost Hunt Contradicts Peter Parker’s Worst Story

Spider-Man is defined by both his personal relationships and his fights with villains, and one of his closest romantic interests is Mary Jane Watson. To the chagrin of fans, his marriage came to an end after the events of the infamous Spider-Man: One More Day (by J. Michael Straczynski and Joe Quesada), and comics were never the same again. Thankfully, a new comic seems to be ignoring this wedding arrangement, at least for the sake of a throwback.

Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt #1 (by JM DeMatteis, Eder Messias, Belardino Brabo, Neeraj Menon, Cris Peters, and VC’s Joe Caramagna) takes place in the era of “The Clone Saga,” a story almost as reviled as One more day. Thus, she has a Peter Parker and Mary Jane who, while not necessarily happy, are firmly established as married. This could suggest that Marvel editorial’s sentiments towards Spider-Marriage are changing, or that this new story is simply a new continuity.

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Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt Revisit a not-so-classic era

Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt #1 is a narrative continuation of the beloved dark film from JM DeMatteis and Mike Zeck. Spiderman story, Kraven’s Last Hunt. It also takes place towards the last quarter of the Clone Saga, with Peter at this point believing that he is the clone of Ben Reilly. Having recently moved to Portland, Oregon to start a new life with his wife Mary Jane, Peter’s powers also weakened, leaving his old ways strictly in the past.

the premise of the lost hunt it involves Gregor, an associate of Kraven the Hunter and his son Grim Hunter. Both villains died because of Spider-Man, even if Wall-Crawler wasn’t directly responsible for their deaths. Seeking blood and knowing everything about Peter’s former life, Gregor sets out to ruin the newfound peace Peter and MJ have. However, what makes this mission so dangerous is the marital status of Mr. and Mrs. Parker.

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Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt Contradicts ‘One More Day’

Spider0Man and May Jane during One More Day

In the lost hunt, Peter and Mary Jane are firmly declared as husband and wife, just as they had been for years at the time of the Clone Saga. This contradicts the “new continuity” that was established after the events of One more day, in which a deal with the evil Mephisto erased their marriage. Marvel’s editorial team stated that all of the past stories happened, but that Peter and Mary Jane simply weren’t married, as hard as that is to parse. However, since this new story confirms them as husband and wife, that may not be the case for at least one Marvel continuity.

Spiderman Comics in recent years have toyed with the idea of ​​bringing MJ and Peter back together, with some fans suspecting that One more day could ultimately be revoked. However, this has yet to happen, as the current Peter Parker of the main Marvel Universe is still a single man. Thus, it can be stated that Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt not really in continuity with the mainstream Spiderman comic line, rather than existing in an alternate universe. The most likely explanation is that he is in the same world as the spider girl Tom DeFalco comics.

These books were in the “MC2” continuity and were derived from a version of the Clone Saga. In that universe, Peter and MJ had a daughter named May Parker, who develops her own spider powers inherited from her father. Of course, the events of the story, or at least one version of them, could be canonized in the 616 universe. However, it is most likely that DeMatteis the lost hunt it is intentionally meant to be separate from the current Spider-Man continuity, rather than being true to one of its most successful eras.

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