The Lords of the Fallen crossplay feature is temporarily disabled.


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  • Lords of the Fallen is one of the most hyped games to come out in 2023, belonging to the category of titles like Souls of the Infernal.
  • A new developer studio known as Hexworks has worked on the game under the publishing wing of CI Games.
  • At the moment, the developers are trying to fix some of the most persistent bugs and technical issues associated with the game, thus cross-play has been disabled on a temporary basis.

Lords of the Fallen is making waves on the internet for all that it brings to the table, using the Souls-like genre and introducing its own unique take on the baseline formula it created. From the software. Beyond its core fundamentals, the game – dating back to its release two days ago – is currently riddled with performance and multiplayer issues, with cross-play functionality being one of them.

gave The official X handle Lords of the Fallen has made a post, reiterating that they have listened to the community and therefore, have tried to improve the performance of crossplay in the game – a feature that you players Allows to play online with platform than you. While co-op and PvP are still active and will work for your system connection, cross-play is gone. disabled So far.

Here it is worth noting. Players aren’t too happy with the current state of co-op anyway.. In addition to consistent performance, connection, and other issues affecting the title’s playability, Lords of the Fallen’s multiplayer isn’t entirely smooth. Concerns the community has expressed include not being able to advance your story if you join a session and being unable to interact with NPCs as a guest.

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In other news, The devs released patch v.1.1.191 for Lords of the Fallen. Brings many new changes and improvements to Soulslike, across all platforms. Addressing the issue in an official blog post, Davis said, “We have worked diligently to fix some issues that have unfortunately affected some of our players. Rest assured that our commitment to enabling more people to immerse themselves in our game world is what drives our passion.

If you missed it, it’s confirmed. Lords of the Fallen Officials that the game is free of the controversial Denevo anti-tamper DRM software. In response to one comment, it was claimed, “We’re happy to confirm that Lords of the Fallen does not, and will never, feature Denevo.What the game launched with is DLSS3, FSR3, and ray tracingso it is.

Lords of the Fallen was released on October 13, 2023. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It was a game. First announced August 2022 in an exciting way, but the idea for the title dates back to 2015, as reported. Eurogamer. Lords of the Fallen replaces the 2014 release Lords of the Fallen, with the latter being developed by Deck13.

If you’re just getting started with the game and could use some help getting going, here’s our guide. The best Lords of the Fallen starting classes That you should check out.

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