The Last of Us Franchise Officially Turns 10 Years Old Today



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  • The Last of Us Part 1, released on June 14 for the PS3 turns 10 today, marking the birth of its entire franchise.
  • Spanning two games, one DLC, a fantastic TV series, a PC port, and a fanbase of loyal players, the franchise has marked itself as one of the best in the gaming world.
  • With its new multiplayer game still in development and the hope for a third part in the franchise, the next decade may still be dominated by the series.

Created by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us was a heartfelt adventure across the country between Joel and Ellie, what was supposed to be a path filled with zombies and psychopaths, ended up being much more emotional than the players had suspected. This dynamic between the two main characters drove the sales of the game up, as well as its popularity and love from the players. And 10 years later, it is still delivering more and more.

The Last of Us, released on June 2013, recently turned ten years old marking a decade of successful results for the teams behind it and an excellent game for the PlayStation and its huge catalog of successful exclusive games. The players, even after a decade still talk about the game and are always hyped for more news on any and all projects that remotely surround the critically acclaimed series.

A few months ago, Naughty Dog actually made a post for the fans about the upcoming anniversary. The post made in early 2023, talked about all the accomplishments the game went through, the new multiplayer title in development, and the most recent PC port currently released on Steam. The highlight of the post stated,

The Last of Us turns 10 this coming June, and though that decade feels like it flew by, we have treasured every moment of your support and love for this series since it debuted. The beautiful fan art, the incredibly detailed cosplay, the letters of support about what these games have meant to you, and everything else that has poured in over this last decade: thank you!”

With The Last of Us dominating the last decade, it’s sure to do the same in the upcoming years with new titles, a port for The Last of Us 2 on PC systems, and new games that are currently in the works including its multiplayer title. The Last of Us holds a special place in my heart it’s not just a good game, it is a beautiful memory, and this same statement goes for many other royal gamers, who just want to be a part of its family.

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