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Core points of Gamers

The Justice Leagues Morals May Doom The DC Universe

The war against the anti-life forces is ready to begin. In DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #4 (by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Neil Edwards, Andy Lanning, Rain Beredo, Saida Temofonte) A summit between the Justice League and the entirety of the Green Lantern Corps saw the Guardians of the Universe authorize deadly force against the now interplanetary pandemic. Naturally, the Justice League objected to this, sparking a conflict between the two groups.

Unfortunately for them, the Guardians of the Universe are right about the gravity of the situation. Although the League has a viable cure, their optimistic attitude is naive in the face of an enemy that has no qualms about slaughtering anything that gets in its way. Ironically, in their attempt to offer a better solution, the Justice League could end up dooming their universe.

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Justice League and Guardians of the Universe make good points

There is an old saying that goes: “War does not determine who is right, only who is left.” In this issue, both sides act out this phrase as they debate the correct course of action. The Justice League obviously wants to save lives rather than take them. Having been to ground zero at the start of this epidemic, they understand how the initial reaction to an army of zombies would be to give up saving those who are lost in order to protect those who remain. However, after learning that there was always a cure, they must now come to terms with the lives they chose to destroy because they didn’t try hard enough. It’s not just about preventing further loss of life, but also saving the Green Lantern Corps from the blame for that decision.

On the other hand, the Guardians of the Universe have a good point here. Before, the Justice League only faced hordes of normal unpowered undead. Granted, there were a handful of heroes and villains who were converted as well, but they made up a small part of the army and were nowhere near the kind of force Darkseid is amassing by his side. Now, the universe is faced with a literal army of undead gods who have battled their way across twelve planets, culminating in a body count of over a hundred billion.

To them, the idea of ​​spending time and energy to mass produce a cure and then use moderation to administer it must seem silly. Under ordinary circumstances, one cannot hold back against the forces coming his way, to do so now would be deadly. As a result, both sides have their merits, but it’s a classic battle between optimism and pessimism, and given the way things have been going lately, Justice League ideals don’t offer a promising solution.

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Hope The Justice League Can Destroy The DCeased Universe

Both sides have a point

The Justice League always wants to save lives, and that’s a noble thing to do. He talks about their characters and convictions that even in the face of such overwhelming odds, they still want to try to help rather than destroy. Unfortunately, they may be overestimating their chances in this war. Now, with each passing second, Darkseid’s forces grow stronger. Using the restriction needed to keep that many full bodies and then creating an opening to administer a cure doesn’t really seem possible.

Then there’s the fact that the cure hasn’t been established to work as well as a vaccine. There are too many unknown factors in your plan, and the potential risks far outweigh the potential benefits. This universe has repeatedly proven cold and cruel, so perhaps the time has come for the Justice League to cut their losses and focus on building a better tomorrow for the living.

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