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The GOTG Holiday Special Is the First MCU Project With No Villain

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special writer-director James Gunn confirms that the upcoming Disney+ one-off show does not feature an antagonist.

Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special Writer-director James Gunn recently revealed that the upcoming standalone show is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe project without a villain.

Gunn confirmed this key detail in an interview with Variety weather guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 Y Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas SpecialOverlapping film shoots. “It was so easy [to shoot both projects at once] and it stayed easy throughout and that was great because vol. 3 it’s really very emotional,” he said. “We shot them both simultaneously, so shooting them vol. 3 for a few days, which was hard, and then having a day off to film this show was fun. Because there was little at stake in this. It was silly. One thing that’s great is that there aren’t any bad guys in this one. There hasn’t been a Marvel story that I can remember where there wasn’t a bad guy of some sort.”

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The villain-free approach of Marvel Studios’ holiday-themed special presentation certainly hasn’t hurt its critical reception. Early Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with critics praising its sentimental tone and callbacks to established Christmas storytelling tropes. At least one reviewer also praised the development of Mantis and actor Pom Klementieff’s performance in the role, while Kevin Bacon’s role as a fictionalized version of himself was also very well received.

Awesome New GotG Holiday Special Mix

Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas SpecialThe soundtrack also garnered considerable praise. Gunn previously confirmed that the special would continue the “Awesome Mix” tradition of the franchise, receiving its own curated compilation playlist of Christmas-themed tunes. The filmmaker also announced that Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special it would include an original Christmas song, which he subsequently shared on Twitter prior to the launch of the one-off show. The song is titled “I Don’t Know What Christmas Is (But Christmastime Is Here)” and is performed by alternative country band Old 97’s.

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Gunn co-wrote the song with Old 97 lead vocalist Rhett Miller, saying filming the band’s performance was among “the most fun” he had ever had on a set. Gunn also revealed in a previous interview that Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special was born out of frivolity on set, as he first pitched the idea as a joke while filming guardians of the galaxy vol. two. “We all laughed and thought it would be cool…and then they wrote it like three days,” she said.

Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special premieres on Disney+ on November 25, 2022.

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