The Ganshin Impact character is possibly getting a new look soon?!

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New information suggests that one of Genshin Impact’s popular characters will be getting a new look in the near future.

Sassy and Genius Adepts of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has various NPCs that play an important role in its interesting story as main characters who meet and sometimes fight. Each region has its main figures to encounter during the journey and one of them is an adept called the Cloud Retainer who takes the form of a white crane with blue, gold and black plumage. He has some red markings under his eyes that are similar to two other characters named Zhongli and Xiao.

Many have speculated that, like Zhongli, this sassy adept had a different form that allowed him to blend in with human society from time to time. It looks like Madame Cloud Retainer is getting a new transformation into human form soon if Lex is to be believed.

A cloud retainer in human form?!

Reddit user Apple Sauce0101 recently uploaded a photo they got from the website NGA which reveals specific details. It states that the information was about a Lantern Rite promotional video where Cloud Retainer was seen. They translated the original source material to show that Cloud Retainer in human form featured in the event. It is a popular annual event on Chinese New Year and is usually held in the game’s Liu region, a vast Chinese-influenced land.

The image text describes Cloud Retainer as a tall female character with glasses and a “tsundere” vibe. Although many fans have speculated that she would be playable if she had human form, this leak strongly states that she remains as an NPC. She apparently uses the Karyo element like her students, Ginyu and Shenhae. She dresses like a Shenhe but has a bird-like pattern on her back, possibly her wings (unfortunately the translation is a bit bad here), and a ponytail for hair. She seems to treat the players within the story as gracefully and innocently as many encounters.

Do you believe this leak? Just like many fans out there, I really hope Cloud Retainer gets his own human form and maybe becomes playable in the future. HoYoVerse has a track record of doing pretty random things and implementing them into the game, and one of them might be this wild idea. This will definitely bring them more fans to the fold and possibly earn them more money through merchandise in the future, for example.

Still, take it with a grain of salt now.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, mobile devices, PS4 and PS5.

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