The Game Awards 2022 achieved a new milestone after the event.

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The video game industry’s year-end showcase The Game Awards 2022 has reached a new milestone.

The Game Awards recently announced that the recent showcase broke viewership records with an estimated 103 million global live streams. It was revealed that the new record represents a 20 percent increase over 2021’s record-setting performance. This may have to do with returning to physical displays rather than digital.

Al Pacino, Halsey, Daniel Craig, Rian Johnson and Ashley Johnson, Keegan Michael Kay, Cameron Monaghan, Fosley and Valkyrie, The Muppets’ Animals and many more must have added to the views.

There were also various world premieres of games like Final Fantasy XVI, Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Hades II, and more.

Thanks to its free, frictionless approach to global distribution, The Game Awards delivered more than 103 million live streams on more than 30 digital networks, including YouTube (in 4K), Twitch (viewers with rewards), on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok Live, Instagram and Steam as well as over a dozen digital platforms in China and Disney+Hotstar and other networks in India. The Game Awards: The IMAX Experience has also aired live in over 40 IMAX theaters in the US, Canada, UK and Asia. In addition, more than 10,000 individual content creators and online influencers participated in the show for their audience.

2022: 103 million

2021: 85 million

2020: 83 million

2019: 45.2 million

2018: 26.2 million

2017: 11.5 million

2016: 3.8 million

2015: 2.3 million

2014: 1.9 million

Source: Press release


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