The Forza Motorsport community is disappointed with the title’s “half-finished” live service model


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  • Some Forza Motorsport players have expressed frustration with the game’s “half-finished” and “inappropriate” live service model.
  • The Redditor believes the missing features will be included in later paid DLCs or microtransactions. Another user says that the devs did this because they want the entry to be profitable for a long time.
  • Another section of players disagree with these sentiments and argue that people are just looking for reasons to criticize the new sequel’s point.

Despite a bundle of positive reception, some Forza Motorsport users have criticized many aspects of the title since its release. The GaaS model has been one of the major conundrums that have led fans to question the integrity of devs. According to a Reddit post made on Go to the subreddit.players are quite disappointed with the game’s live service mode and call it “half finished“And”irrelevant“With other negative language.

The live service model has ruined the growth of AAA gaming.
by theu/JRedding995 IForza

User u/JRedding995 Alleges that Microsoft Games have recently been plagued by the live service model, and Forza Motorsport is no different. Fans believe that this approach was chosen because of the potential revenue gained through microtransactions, paid DLCs, and leaking content to the community. However, the allegedly poor implementation of the live service model has taken much of the fun out of enrollment.

I’ll assume most of these features are already done but just stripped away to speed up content for player retention, because otherwise WTF is taking 6-7 years to develop. ? Forza is just the latest example.

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A large section of fans have agreed with the failed sentiments in the comments. One user said, “Every company strives to create a game that you want to play forever and invest your money in. It’s exhausting.Regardless, not everyone shares the same opinion, and some players have claimed that people are just looking for reasons to eliminate various features in Forza Motorsport.

Honestly there are no issues with this game and it already feels like a huge step up from Forza Motorsport 7, but no one seems to enjoy it and just find reasons to dislike it. Trying to,” another user disagreed.

Phil Spencer declared. Forza Motorsport is a live service title Shortly before his release. The CEO made a tough decision to ensure the evolution of the game and the entire franchise for years to come. Regardless, the decision was also made to remove the number so that players would stop waiting for the next entry in the series and just stick to Forza Motorsports.

Many users have criticized the entry. Poor PC performance issues at launch. Some players also reportedly expressed dissatisfaction since the devs. Used a 14 year old car model for one of the vehicles. Regardless, the title has also been well received by the community for vastly improving on the previous game. It greatly enhances the driving physics, offers a larger selection of cars, and incorporates photorealistic visuals.

A reboot of the series came out on October 10, 2023 for the Xbox Series S. Xbox Series Xand PC.

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