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The Flash Family’s Newest Addition May Be At Risk

The following article contains spoilers for The flash #788, on sale now.

Wally West and Linda Park are officially expecting their third child. The flash Issue #788 (by Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, Matt Herms, and Rob Leigh) confirmed that Linda is pregnant, much to the delight of both mom and dad. However, the news (wonderful though) is also a warning that there is a very difficult road ahead.

There are still many unknowns about her pregnancy, such as the origins of Linda’s powers or how they might be affecting her child. With everything being prepared for the Flash’s immediate future, between Mayor Wolfe’s rise to power and the upcoming One-Minute War event, the new baby’s future seems less and less certain.

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Flash’s new baby brings new risks

There are many unknowns about how the Speed ​​Force affects people who are bringing a child into the world. So far, there have only been a handful of pregnancies linked to them, and they were all different. This seems to suggest that Linda’s new baby is giving her powers, but Mister Terrific and Doctor Mid-Nite admit they have no idea if this is true. However, they warned her that using her abilities could negatively affect the baby. The consequences of using this power on pregnant women are unknown, but the physical strain could end up harming the child before the powers do.

Unfortunately, Linda has proven to be less than adequate in following through on this request. When Wally was attacked by the newly named Rogues in the issue, she stepped in to save his life, breaking the rules that had been set for her in record time. This is likely to be a recurring incident as Flash’s world becomes more and more dangerous. Mayor Wolfe is proving to be incredibly corrupt and has no qualms about trying to target the Flash. Then there’s the next invasion of alien speedsters to consider. Linda may be forced to choose between saving her husband or her baby.

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The tragic story of the Flash family with pregnancy

Linda shouldn't use her powers

This would not be the first time such a tragedy has occurred. The last time Linda was pregnant was with her twins, Jai and Irey, and she ended up miscarrying due to an attack by Zoom. A subsequent battle between him and Flash ended up restoring the twins by altering the timeline, and Linda gave birth shortly after. However, the precedent was set. Flash’s life is too chaotic for a stable pregnancy, and Linda is closer to the action than ever.

If she feels compelled to help her husband during his upcoming battles, she risks losing her son entirely. There is also the possibility that her powers could affect the baby in unexpected ways. Two of the world’s smartest people are baffled by her powers due to the rarity of forced-speed pregnancies, but the general concern is that the unpredictable nature of it could endanger her child. The couple should know this deep down and should proceed with caution if they ever want to meet their new bundle of joy.

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