The Flame: Where have you been? Tutorial


Where have you been? It is the first mission of The parallel story of the flame in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Peter receives a call to help rescuers trapped in a collapsing building, but he also meets a former ally and stumbles upon an arsonist cult.

The Flame side story will be available once Healing the world The main story has been completed. Chief Clarke will call you and ask for your help to stabilize the building they are working on and rescue the trapped civilians. Where have you been? The side quest will appear in the central area of ​​the financial district. All The Flame side story missions are exclusive to Peter Parker only.

After receiving the phone call from Chief Clarke, head to the marker in the Financial District and talk to the rescuers outside the building.

The Flame: Where have you been? Secondary Mission Objectives:

Mark caught people for the firefighters.

During the first part of the mission, you will deploy Spider-Bot to conduct reconnaissance inside the building and search for trapped people. Go through the vents and you’ll find the first person to tag just inside the first room you enter.

Follow the path until you reach a hole in the wall, then continue up the ramps until you reach the next room.

In this room, you’ll be able to test your Pulse Blast on the ceiling that just blocked your path. Go through the blockages along your path and you’ll encounter the next trapped person up ahead. Remove the fallen shelf from the person and then tag them to rescue them.

Continue down the next path and go through the blockages until you reach a door. Open the door to reach the next room where another trapped person is asking for help. Clear the debris that is trapping the person and then tag them for rescue.

Clear a path and mark people.

In the next area, you’ll be able to try out the robot’s Jump Jets, which allow you to climb higher levels and platforms. Jump over the rubble until you reach the top, then clear the remaining rubble to reveal the ceiling you can climb through.

Continue to the upper level and then jump over the medical equipment to find the last trapped person. Before you can help them, close the door where the sand comes out, then pull the person out of the pile of sand and mark them.

According to this person, there is another person up ahead who needs help, although Chief Clarke does not have them on his records. He continues to the next hallway, then opens the door on the left and jumps over the obstruction.

Maneuver around electricity.

You will reach the server room where the floor has been electrified. Use your Jump Jet to jump from platform to platform and then head to the next open vent that leads to a room.

follow the voices

You will hear voices of a couple of people arguing in the next room. They sound like cultists who identify as Followers of the Flame. Continue to the next vent and you will see them through the grates in the next room. Head to the end of the pit, where you’ll see some cultists holding a deserter.

Fight against intruders

Then you can enter combat and help the deserter escape. Fight off waves of intruders until a cutscene plays where the ceiling collapses further.

Continue fighting the cultists until they are all knocked out. Another cutscene will play showing a masked person knocking out another cultist. You’ll soon recognize this person as Yuri, an ally of Peter’s from the previous game, who has now adopted the identity known as Wraith. He then leaves the building before it collapses, leaving Peter with the task of getting the knocked out cultists out of the building.

After completing this stage of the quest, you will be rewarded with the following: 1,000 XP, 2 hero tokensand 200 pieces of technology.

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