The Flame Walkthrough: It Was Meant For Me


It was meant for me is the fourth mission of The Flame’s side story in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. After being led into a trap by The Flame, Peter gains new information about the cult’s next plans, which involve blowing up a portion of the city to send a message.

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He It was meant for me The mission will be unlocked after completing the I knew you had it in you The Flame side story mission, and after progressing and completing the Problems with Harry main story mission. All The Flame side story missions are exclusive to Peter Parker only.

The Flame: It Was Meant for Me Side Mission Objectives

Continue progressing through the story and the next side story objective will be updated. A new Flame marker will appear on the northeast side of Williamsburg pointing out some clues about the cults’ upcoming plans.

Disarm the bombs

You will then find cultists in a vacant lot, placing bombs around them and setting them off for the Crimson Hour. There are four bombs placed in the lot and you will have to disarm them one by one. These bombs are guarded by the cultists and you can’t just grab a bomb that is guarded without alerting all enemies.

Defeat the enemies by stealth first and then you can grab a bomb. To disarm a bomb, you need to perform a QTE correctly; If you miss the moment, you will fail and enemies will be alerted about it.

Defeat the cultists

After eliminating all the enemies and disarming all the bombs, Yuri will appear and try to take down the elite cultist that appears. This elite has flamethrowers on its arms and has a wide range with its attacks. Try to take out the other enemies covering you to make it much easier to deal with the elite.

Defeat the remaining cultists.

More reinforcements will arrive with more brutes and elites. After eliminating them all, a sabotaged train will run down the tracks and hit the tankers to make them explode. Prepare to clear a QTE while Yuri throws charges at you to derail the train.

Once you’ve accomplished this, you’ll meet The Flame in person. He reveals that he was after the symbiote that was on the train the entire time. The Flame then leaves with the symbiote after setting Peter on fire. Yuri intervenes and chooses to rescue Peter rather than pursue The Flame, then sets off to continue pursuing the cult leader.

After completing the mission, you will be rewarded with 3000 XP, 8 hero tokensand 400 pieces of technology. Being the last mission of The Flame side story, you will also have Unlocked the lifesaving suit. for Peter Parker.

Immediately after the end of the mission, Wraith calls Peter and tells him that she needs time to herself to search for The Flame. Wraith then mentions that she will investigate The Flame’s former aliases, which she lists as Archie Abel, Walter Wachtman, and, the rather obvious one, Cletus Cassidy. The first two names have no reference to Spider-Man characters in the comics or movies.

As we already know, if you took the opportunity to investigate the area with clues in the previous mission, you will notice a book that shows a red demon that almost symbolizes Venom; concluding that The Flame is the famous Cletus Cassidy, who will eventually become Carnage. Will we see Carnage in the sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Or are we going to expect a story expansion that features Carnage as the main villain? We’ll see.


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