The flame: I knew you had it in your tutorial


I knew you had it in you is the third mission of The Flame’s side story in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. After The Flame tells Yuri to meet her at the abandoned hospital, she decides to accept his invitation despite it being an obvious trap.

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He I knew you had it in you The mission will be unlocked after completing the everything burns The Flame side story mission, and only after progressing and completing the The flames have been lit main story mission. All The Flame side story missions are exclusive to Peter Parker only.

The Flame: I Knew You Had It in You Side Mission Objectives:

Meet Yuri

Once you get the first objective, follow the marker that leads to a rooftop. Approach the scratched wall to trigger a cutscene and fast travel to the hospital.

Find a way inside

Head to the east side of the hospital and go up to the upper level to find a hole in the wall where you can enter. Follow the path to the lower level, then head into the burning corridor; On the right side there is a hole near the ceiling that you can crawl through.

Follow the rats through the next hole to reach another room that has another cultist.

Find an alternative route

Take down the cultist and before leaving the room, scan the Oscorp blueprint on the wall, the map of Brooklyn, and the blackboard in the corner of the room. There is also a recorder that you can listen to on the nearby table and a book on the podium. After scanning everything, head to the hole at the top of the blueprint to continue.

Take down the cultists

Crawl through the hole until you reach the next room full of cultists. Take them all down and then head to the rubble.

Head to the sanctuary

Move the debris out of the way and then head to the shrine where Yuri confronts The Flame. After you stop Yuri from killing The Flame, you will have a boss who will fight her.

Stop Yuri

Yuri uses his chain and sickle to attack from mid-range and close the gap between you. He be on the lookout for her strong attacks, as they may be parried, leaving her open to a counterattack. During your second phase, you will have to watch out for an additional strong attack.

After depleting Yuri’s health in the second phase, a cutscene will play where you save The Flame, but he sabotages it with an explosion. Yuri will continue pursuing her, but you stop her, leading to a third phase.

Yuri becomes more aggressive with her attacks and can perform longer, forceful combos with her weapon. She can now use her weapon to grab objects and throw them at you. Yuri can also whip her chain over you to pull the roof down; Beware of the blue aura that telegraphs this move.

Once his health drops back to ~60%, Yuri affects your vision during the fourth phase. In this phase, she moves in and out of your vision, making it difficult for you to locate her. Pay attention to your Spidey Sense to avoid any incoming chain attacks. Pay attention to her dash attack (blue aura) which you will have to avoid, otherwise she will take away a large chunk of your health. Try to parry most of her attacks to get windows through her combos as she becomes relentless with them.

Yuri again affects your vision with ~30% of his health; Focus on stopping his attacks at this point until you regain your normal vision, then continue the offensive.

Continue without Yuri

After finishing the fight and saving Yuri from the collapsing building, she leaves you to stop The Flame on your own. Then you will be rewarded 2000 XP, 6 hero tokensand 300 pieces of technology for completing the mission.

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