The Flame: Everything Burns Walkthrough


everything burns is the second mission of The Flame’s side story in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Yuri gets a lead on one of the cult’s shelters and asks Peter for help in attacking it.

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The Everything Burns quest will be unlocked after completing the Where have you been? The Flame side story mission and after progressing and completing the science buddy main story mission. All The Flame side story missions are exclusive to Peter Parker only.

The Flame: Everything Burns Side Mission Objectives:

After catching up with Yuri in the first part of the mission and progressing further into the game, you will receive an update on the side story objective. This objective will take you to Chinatown, where one of The Flame cultists’ hideouts appears to be located.

Follow The Flame marker to a rooftop where you can see a door marked with the cult symbol. A cutscene will play where Wraith will meet you. Then, both of you will begin to infiltrate the hideout.

Take down the cultists

In your first encounter with the cultists, you will learn how to perform a double takedown with a partner against multiple enemies. Wait for the enemies’ markers to turn green, then you’ll know they’ll be safe to defeat both of them simultaneously.

Find a way to the shelter area.

Check the inside of the next room where you will find a photo of the deserter from earlier. Then, look towards the wall to find a vent that you can crawl through to reach the next room.

There are several enemies in this room that you can defeat by stealth or go to fight directly. You’ll have Wraith to help you take them all out, so choose the method that best suits your game.

Look for clues to open the door.

After eliminating the enemies, approach the green door and find that it is closed. Scan the wall with the rows of cultists and Wraith will realize that you will need to use the cultists’ tattoos and scan them next to the door to open them. Check the cultists’ hands to find the corresponding tattoo that Wraith needs and bring the correct one to the door.

Go deeper into the building

After the cutscene, take out the next guards and then check on the imprisoned deserter to learn how to free the prisoners.

Eliminate the cultists

Go to the next room where you will find more cultists; Eliminate them stealthily or face them in combat.

Release the prisoners

Once it’s clear, scan the room to find the door controls next to the stage. Press the button on the controls to free the prisoners.

As you exit, The Flame will appear through a projection and talk to Yuri.

Take down the cultists

More tougher cultists will come to the room. Watch out for the brute who has the ability to send waves of flame through his fists.

Fight your way out of the building.

All the cultists have already been alerted, so go through the rooms and eliminate any enemies that get in your way.

After eliminating all the enemies, Yuri will immediately head to the hospital where The Flame told him to go. You will also be rewarded with 1200 XP, 4 hero tokensand 250 pieces of technology.

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