The Final Fantasy 7 remake sold over 7 million copies worldwide.



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  • The Final Fantasy franchise is one of the most critically acclaimed series of RPGs of all time, spanning 16 mainline titles as well as spin-offs and remakes.
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake, a reimagining of the once-stunning Final Fantasy 7, launched in 2020 for the PlayStation 4, launching itself to rave reviews upon release.
  • An improved version came out called Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade PlayStation 5 and PC in 2021, which also includes notable story enhancements, improved graphics, loading speeds and DLC expansions.
  • In a new post on X, the game’s developers have made it official that Final Fantasy 7 Remake and its Intergrade counterpart have collectively sold more than 7 million copies to date.

The final concept is second to none. Icon In the RPG space, with back-to-back hits and successful releases. It is said to be an iteration released from 2021. A remake of Final Fantasy 7which is a re-animated version of the original Final Fantasy 7 – which came out in 1997 – has outsold it. 7 million copies, the developers announced in a new post on X. Includes increase in units sold. Intergrade version Along with the title.

Final fantasy 7 remake and final fantasy 7 remake Intergrade Different in that the latter came out a year after the PlayStation 5 and PC predecessors Specially. Think of the remake as the base version. PlayStation 4 And the Intergrade, Fakhria, as an improved variant for the current gen console Sharp visualsimproved loading times, and a DLC called Interval of the episode where you play as Yuffie Kisaragi.

For those who don’t know, Final Fantasy 7 Remake puts you in their shoes. Battle of the CloudsA former Shinra soldier who is now going against the power of his job. Talk about a. Bad day at the office. Cloud joins this eco-terrorist group. Avalanchewhich is basically good guys going against bad guys, but not peacefully. Environmental terrorism Usually when someone acts violently for the sake of other people or the environment.

Final Fantasy 7 in-game screenshot
Final Fantasy 7 in-game screenshot

He who wants an avalanche has to stop it. Shinra Corporation By stealing the planet’s life force, which will eventually lead to the game world. destruction If things continue on the same path. Final Fantasy 7 remake trend is high. Real time combatbut it still retains some semblance of strategy, with specific mechanics to keep the movement flowing.

As Final Fantasy 7: Rebirtha sequel to Final Fantasy 7, The developers gave an update in June that they were working on announcing a release date. And that its development continues smoothly. The recent PlayStation State of Play, though, has finally spilled the beans on the title’s landing date.29 February 2024. The announcement came at the very end of the showcase.

In other news, a variant of Final Fantasy 7 was released this month, called Ever Crisis. it is a Mobile Gacha game which has collected 2 million downloads. In just one week after its release. Spread over the background of Sephiroth, loot boxes of RPG games, and other prevalent gacha mechanics to entice players. It is also free to play.

Final Fantasy 7 has been out ever since. 2020 For the PlayStation 4, with an edited variant of the remake released in 2021 For PlayStation 5 and PC. A trilogy in the series is on the cards, and each game covers a part of the original Final Fantasy 7.

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