The Elder Scrolls 6 Likely To Be The Last Title In The Series, Says Todd Howard




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  • The Elder Scrolls 6 will likely be the last title in the overall series, as said by Todd Howard in a new interview. Todd noted his growing age as the driving factor towards this decision.
  • As per his words, Todd may retire in the years after The Elder Scrolls 6 releases since he is already 52 years old. The renowned face of Bethesda has achieved many milestones in the industry.
  • Todd mentions that creating new sequels is much harder now the development cycles of AAA games have grown so large. Speed is seemingly not his goal.
  • Fallout 5 will now release after The Elder Scrolls 6, as cleared by the director. The Elder Scrolls 6 may release in 2024 or during the next-gen of consoles.

Todd Howard, the renowned director and executive at Bethesda Game Studios recently appeared in an interview with IGN, revealing a staggering tidbit about the future of The Elder Scrolls series. As per Todd, The Elder Scrolls 6 may as well be the last title in the highly notable franchise. In other words, we may not see an official release after the awaited sequel populates the Xbox consoles worldwide. The reason behind such a decision is an obvious one:

And then as we look to an Elder Scrolls 6, that is one where… I probably shouldn’t say this. But if I do the math, I’m not getting any younger. How long do people play Elder Scrolls for? That may be the last one I do. I don’t know,” says Todd Howard.

The 52 years old veteran has spent a long time in the industry, possibly hinting at the end of his journey and retirement in the next few years. However, The Elder Scrolls 6 will continue receiving long-term support and love from the devs, which was impossible before. Using the example of Starfield, Todd Howard also discusses how the gaming industry and the devs’ perspectives toward game sequels have shifted over the last decade.

So our ability, like we talked about, to support Starfield… Whereas maybe in the old days, you would put it out and then you’d go on to a sequel, now we can support that game for a much longer period of time, which is what our plan is.”

It makes sense since Bethesda is infamous for spending a bundle of years on its AAA entries, with the latest example being its all-new IP, Starfield. For instance, the sci-fi action RPG has reportedly depleted over 25 years, soon releasing on September 6th, 2023 on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S alongside PC. The Microsoft-owned studio believes spending a lot of time to brew these games is a wiser choice.

I think Half-Life 3 will do fine, right? So even though in the moment, how do I bring that closer to reality today, because I want to play it, those gaps, these are still evergreen franchises that I think when they come, it’s about just doing it right. I want to be faster, but speed isn’t the goal.”

In some other tidbits, Fallout 5 will reportedly release after The Elder Scrolls 6, which is the opposite of the plan last year. The Xbox Games Showcase 2023 announced various alluring entries to the world. Despite the huge arsenal, the sweeping event still lacked a crucial title; The Elder Scrolls 6 was nowhere to be seen despite being revealed five years ago. Bethesda is likely to steer its focus toward the awaited RPG after the release of Starfield.

We may see new The Elder Scrolls 6 footage or info later this year in the extended Xbox Games Showcase 2023 event. Its only trailer was released five years ago, which was a subtle message to announce that the new sequel would finally release one day. In relevant news, the game has been quoted as “mid-sized” in one of the official documents by the UK’s CMA, but it was likely compared to games like Minecraft.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is rumored to come out next year, and we may hear about an official release window during the last months of this year. However, some fables point towards a heavily delayed release around 2027 because the new sequel may target the next generation of Xbox consoles.

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