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  • The DualSense has been a monumental controller so far in this very generation of video game consoles, outclassing the competition by a substantial margin. It comes with an array of novel functionalities, including state-of-the-art haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers. 
  • As of late, the DualSense has been treated to a fairly decent discount on multiple retailers in the UK, thereby reducing its MSRP to £39.99 as compared to its original £59.99 pricing. 
  • The platforms that you can buy the DualSense for this discounted price include Amazon UK, Currys, GAME, Argos, and Smyths. Moreover, the promotional deal has been applied to multiple colors of the DualSense and not just the standard edition. 

The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is flat-out remarkable for the way it handles haptics and those cheeky adaptive triggers, but if you’ve been holding back on getting one for either your PC or as an extra peripheral, now just might be your time to shine. Only one problem, though—the discounted deals are for UK citizens only. The controller’s MSRP has been reduced to £39.99 across multiple retailers in the UK. 

PlayStation 5's DualSense on Amazon UK
PlayStation 5’s DualSense on Amazon UK

If you head over to Amazon UK and type in “DualSense” in the search bar, you’ll come across two variants of the controller that are on sale right now. One of them is the standard White edition, while the other one being fairly flashier, is Starlight Blue. Moving on, we’ve got Currys as well joining in the party, hosting not just two but six different colors of DualSense, including Midnight Black, at the same £39.99 price point. 

Multiple DualSense Controllers on Sale at Currys
Multiple DualSense Controllers on Sale at Currys

If you’re a regular shopper from GAME instead, head on over to the storefront to find the DualSense on sale there as well. We’ve got the likes of Grey Camo and Cosmic Red up for grabs right now on GAME, and this is a pretty favorable way to stock up on additional DualSense controllers in case you’ve been looking to get more.  

GAME Hosting a Sale on the DualSense as Well
GAME Hosting a Sale on the DualSense as Well

In other news, the PlayStation 5 console’s price itself has been reduced by a fair margin in the UK and Germany, and this isn’t similar to the bundle deals that went live a couple of months back. At the time of writing, Argos, along with other major UK storefronts, is selling the PlayStation 5 for £399. Throwback to the time when scalpers reigned supreme and you couldn’t even get your hands on one for the entirety of the price without paying something in the neighborhood of $1,000. Pretty rough.

Another PlayStation story that’s currently making waves across the world is the imminent release of the PlayStation 5 Slim, which, according to Microsoft, is hitting shelves later this year. It’s rumored to be priced at $400, right alongside the PlayStation 5 Digital variant, and could also be coming with a detachable disk drive, according to Tom Henderson’s sources—a credible industry insider and ex-author at eXputer.

Last but not least, it’s been reported as of late that the PlayStation 5 has rolled over 40 million units to date, with the feat arriving almost three years into the console’s release. To put things into perspective, the PlayStation 4 is still Sony’s fastest-selling console up until now and reached the same milestone two months earlier than the PlayStation 5 in its respective time. 

It’s a fair guess that this current price drop of the PS5 is setting up the stage for the PlayStation 5 Slim to steal the spotlight by clearing out remnant stock and that Sony is attracting an even greater customer base with the discounted promotions. Still, the next big push for the console is yet to come, as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 nears its official release in October this year. 

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