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Core points of Gamers

The Devil in Me: Every Business Card Location

Devil in Me’s killer hotel owner, Mr. Du’Met, is more than meets the eye if his secret, collectible business cards are any indication.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me wraps up The Anthology of Dark ImagesThe first season’s done very well in basing its horror story on the real world. There are many mysteries to discover in the game’s killer hotel, which is a huge replica that hides many secrets for players to find, including bodies, traps, and collectibles. It was elaborately built by a mysterious group, Mr. Du’Met, whose identity is kept a secret throughout the game.

Only one thing is for sure: he’s a huge fan of HH Holmes, the serial killer who built the original crime castle in Chicago. However, Du’Met isn’t just a fan of true crime. He wants to replicate everything about Holmes, including the many fake professions he used for his own gain, seen through Du’Met’s business cards. These cards are particularly difficult to follow, since they do not appear in the collection menu.

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Where to find the architect card

Devil in me Du'met Architect

The first calling card is the easiest to spot and appears quite early during the “Cigarettes” scene. Shortly after settling in, Charlie can’t find his cigarettes and sets out to find some, thinking there must be some somewhere in the hotel. Right after leaving the room, head down the hall almost directly in front of Charlie’s room, towards the stairs in the lobby. Right next to this hallway to the left is a dead end. On the floor next to the cabinet is the first calling card of Grantham Du’Met, architect.

Where to find the designer card

Devil in Me Business Designer Du'met

Shortly after things start to get weird at the hotel and after the group helps Erin out of a sticky situation, Charlie and Jamie head to the “Blood Trail” scene together. They return to the lobby only to find that it is not exactly how they left it. Among the overturned furniture, along with a leather chair and a table that have fallen onto the stairs, is the second calling card for Du’Met the Designer.

Where to find the builder card

Devil in me Builder Du'met

The third calling card is found in the “Spa” scene, which takes place after a key scene with Charlie. The characters find themselves in an unfinished spa, and after a bit of exploring, a couple ends up falling down a trapdoor that leads to some of the spa’s back hallways. Before you jump over the obvious barrier to the right, head down the hall into the darkness. At the end to the right is a bunch of stuff, and on the floor before it is the third calling card for Du’Met the Builder. Turning on a light can make it easier to find.

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Where to find the medical card

Devil in me Du'met Doctor

The fourth calling card can be found during the “Cliff” scene. It takes place after a character finds himself in the hotel’s bizarre maze and is chased by the killer. In this scene, the player attempts to reach the lighthouse by traversing a series of cliffs. However, instead of reaching the lighthouse, the player finds themselves in a large abandoned house. Before going inside, walk around a long rock with a tree sticking out of it to find the fourth calling card on the ground for Du’Met the Doctor.

Where to find the artist card

Artist Devil in Me Du'met

The final card is found towards the end of the game, so hopefully there will be enough characters left to reach it. After another character or two escape from the killer on another part of the island, the “Lighthouse” scene will take place where a character or characters finally make it inside the lighthouse. The stairs will eventually lead to a small bedroom. Inside, on the floor next to a chair in the corner by a window, is the business card for Du’Met the Artist.

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