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The DCU Must Avoid Marvel and Star Wars’ TV Mistakes  

The DC Universe will hit full steam ahead, with new co-creative lead James Gunn stepping in to update shared universe projects going forward. This will include not only new movies, but also shows like Gunn’s Pacifier. While this will make the DCU bigger than ever, it could cause some major setbacks, like the ones DC and major rivals to Warner Bros. Discovery are currently experiencing.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe and the world of Star Wars have expanded on the Disney+ streaming service with various shows. While they are popular, they have arguably watered down brands with too much content at once. Likewise, those who only watch the movies may miss out given the importance of certain programs. This is why DC Universe has to be careful about adding too many shows, especially if they’re meant to be pivotal to the universe’s history.

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Marvel Studios and Star Wars have diluted the brands with too many TV shows

Disney+ moved forward for the first time with an original show adjacent to the trilogy the mandaloriana Star Wars spin-off that quickly became a pop culture phenomenon. Since then, there have been sequels to that series, along with a spate of others. Star Wars TV shows. Apparently many of these have appeared one after the other, with the current TV show. Andor releasing not long after Obi Wan Kenobi. The same goes for the streaming service’s Marvel content, which is added at a virtually relentless pace. They don’t just do shows like Wanda Vision Y Loki show the continuing adventures of preset MCU characters, but others like moon knight Y mrs wonder introduce new heroes. Given that all of this happened in the span of three years, in the midst of multiple Marvel movies, no less, it’s too much at once.

More casual fans have noted that there is simply too much Marvel content to keep up with, especially since some of these shows are of a different quality and polish. It doesn’t help that 2019 saw the release of a movie titled Literally Avengers Endgame, which seems like a logical starting point for those who no longer wish to follow the stream of content. What was once a special event has become an assembly line of watered down streaming content in the case of the MCU and Star Wars. This has also caused the latter to lose its exclusive film shine, which has not helped Lucasfilm to put a new Star Wars movie on the big screen. keep that in mind Andor Not receive Star WarsRegular television viewership, despite its rave reviews, suggests that the deluge of content has some viewers simply “over” the franchise.

It would be wise for DC Universe to release one show on HBO Max per year to really play it safe, with even two risking too much, too soon. If two shows are made for the DCU per year, they should be spread out as widely as possible, preventing what should be entertainment from becoming a chore. That last note could especially happen if the shows are too necessary for larger movie consumption.

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Making DCU Streaming Shows Too Important Will Replicate WandaVision Bug

WandaVision takes Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

It was previously said before they started coming to Disney+ that the Marvel Cinematic Universe shows wouldn’t necessarily be necessary for those who just wanted to stick to the movies. However, that was quickly revealed to be a gigantic lie regarding the connection between Wanda Vision Y Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness. If audiences hadn’t seen the first, they’d be completely at a loss as to Wanda’s vibe in the movie, so watching the show is necessary to really understand what’s going on. The same is likely to happen with the wondersa sequel to captain marvel which will almost certainly build from the final moments of mrs wonder, a Disney+ streaming series. that didn’t help mrs wonder had particularly low viewership compared to the rest of Marvel’s content, meaning a show not everyone watched will be vital to understanding the captain marvel Follow up.

DC Universe shows need to be spin-offs from movies that branch out narratively entirely, or just focus on characters who will never be given even a small role in the movies. These include heroes like The Question and perhaps those tangentially related to the Justice Society, who wouldn’t otherwise fit within the confines of a movie. Doing so will give die-hard fans something extra to watch without making it absolutely necessary for otherwise uninterested moviegoers. Viewing them as a continuity “plus” and not a necessity may sound counterintuitive in terms of building HBO Max’s content record, but it will prevent DC from repeating many of the problems experienced by other shared universes.

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