The Dark Pictures Switchback VR Delayed

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Supermassive Games has Announced The Dark Pictures Switchback VR delayed. This would imply that it will not reach the launch of PS VR2.

It’s now been confirmed that Switchback VR, the spiritual successor to Supermassive’s PSVR on-rails shooter Rush of Blood, has been delayed. It was supposed to be released alongside PS VR2 as a launch title, but now the developers have changed their minds. It will be delayed three weeks instead of February 22, 2023. Now the March 16, 2023. The developer wants to ensure the “most polished and terrifying experience possible.”

Supermassive Games in The Dark Pictures Switchback VR Delay

According to the Twitter post, Switchback VR is the developers’ most ambitious virtual reality project to date. Switchback VR will take players through 5 sprawling worlds that branch out through various horror-filled roller coaster routes based on the Dark Pictures franchise. They revealed that their goal was always to release the game in the launch window of the new PS VR2 headset, but it seems like they needed to polish the game more.

Thank you for all your excitement and patience. It really means a lot to us! We can’t wait to reveal more about our sinister roller coaster from hell!

The Dark Pictures Switchback VR is now officially released on March 16, 2023 on PS VR2.

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