The Dark Pictures Little Hope Patch 1.10 Out Now



Supermassive Games recently released The Dark Pictures Little Hope patch 1.10 on all platforms but one Unfortunate catch.

It’s been almost three months since last September’s updates for Little Hope, which left the game in a state of disarray. Supermassive had to create a new patch to fix all the issues and it is now available for download, but sadly some saves will not be recoverable.

It’s sad to say that even after installing the latest update, players will continue to face issues with save files and their saves will remain corrupted. It cannot be saved and will have to either load a previous save or create a new playthrough. The developers have now apologized to those affected. Unfortunately they have no compensation for saving the corrupt.

The new patch will fix the following:

  • Fixed several issues with old save files being corrupted.
  • Improved stability and overall game performance
  • Fixed several issues with collectibles and bearings
  • Fixed issues with menu text visibility
  • Improved online lobby connectivity

Dark Pictures Little Hope is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.



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