The Crew 3 Revealed To Be Titled “Motorfest”



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  • The Crew Motorfest has been finally officially teased. It was previously known only as Project Orlando.
  • It will be set on the O’ahu island in Hawaii.
  • There is an Insider Program to playtest the game and further polish it before it launches this year.

The Crew series is Ubisoft‘s answer to the racing genre and one of its premier IPs. In recent years it seems to have fallen to decay as The Crew 2 was released way back in 2019. The problem is that while the first game was a decent game, the second one had many shortcomings, the most problematic being its monotony.

Fans have been waiting for the next game in the series, and the waiting can now finally come to an end. Ubisoft has now officially teased The Crew 3 Motorfest, and the setting will be Hawaii.


Through datamining, @ScriptLeaksR6 had revealed that the next game in the series would be called “Motorfest” and it would seem they were right. Internally, the game was titled Project Orlando, and swirling rumours state that the game was originally a planned DLC for The Crew 2.

While it was under development as a DLC for The Crew 2, development seems to have gone beyond the scale of a simple DLC so it was instead turned into a completely separate game and the next entry in the series. Ubisoft Ivory Tower is still the game’s developer as it has been for the previous two entries in the series.

Back in late 2021, Redditor u/RacingGameGuru0300 managed to datamine an update of The Crew 2 and revealed screenshots of The Crew 3. The user stated:

While datamining the updates, I’ve found in game screenshots of the Orlando project, while it was still a planned DLC for The Crew 2. These have also been in the files for while.

This first revealed that the game was actually a DLC for The Crew 2. Going on, the dataminer further states, It would seem to be set in Hawaii and would include an “all star”gamemode, what i presume is their own battle royale mode.”

Quite some time has passed since this leak, but it seems that the suspicions were correct. The developer has described that The Crew Motorfest is based around what the studio describes as a “one-of-a-kind festival” of all things fast and is set on the island of O’ahu, Hawaii.

This makes it the first The Crew game to leave its usual continental USA setting as both previous games featured scaled-down versions of USA cities.

Ivory Tower revealed further details about the ‘Insider Program’ in another video.


The developers state that The Crew 3 Motorfest will have an Insider Program wherein players will be able to playtest the game, to give feedback to the developers, and make the launch product all the better. Those interested can register for the insider program; however, not all will be selected.

The recruitment for the insider program will be in several phases, and the first phase will select 2000 players from amongst the most active in The Crew 2 community. Subsequent phases will be open for a larger and diverse general community, including console players, later on.

We do not yet have a release date for The Crew Motorfest, only that it will release this year in 2023. It is currently slated to arrive on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Amazon’s Luna service.

In a stroke of poetic irony, Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown is set for release in 2023 as well. Stéphane Beley, creative director of The Crew Motorfest was the director of the original Test Drive Unlimited, which was a pioneering MMO-inspired racing game, also set on the O’ahu island.

We certainly hope that the next title fixes the many mistakes of The Crew 2 and builds upon its great parts to create a truly wonderful experience.

Ubisoft itself is in dire need of goodwill from the gaming community. In recent years it has fallen from grace and continues to deliver titles that are marred by several issues, much to the chagrin of the gaming community.

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