The competitive Pokémon meta was shaken up by the demise of Garchomp nearly two decades later.



Highlights of the story

  • The popular Dragon-type Pokemon, Garchomp, has dropped from the overused ranks after nearly two decades.
  • Following September’s usage statistics, several notable Pokemon are placed in the under-used group.
  • The sudden placement of large OU Pokemon in the UU tier has raised concerns about a balance change within the tier.

The competitive metagame of Pokemon has seen a significant change as Garchomp has fallen from its position in the Overused group after nearly two decades. This information follows the monthly update shared by Smogun University (@SmogonU) in a tweet, detailing a number of changes to the meta as various notable Pokémon found themselves dropped from the OU group to underutilized, etc. Thread For a detailed breakdown.

Other notable over-the-counter drops include names like Hetran, Melotic, Izomeral, Amongs, Shiftri, and Mamosovine. These moons are now available in the in-use group, which has resulted in a low utilization rate. According to Smokin University, if a Pocket Monster reaches or fails to reach 4.52% usage in a tier during any given month, it will move up or down from that tier, respectively. .

In addition to Garchomp’s place in the UU tier, the data shared by Smogon reveals other interesting places for Pokemon in the month of October. One of the changes that stands out the most is the reduction of Snorlax from Overused to Never Used (NU). Although groups are adjusted based on usage information each month, it is somewhat surprising to drop from being at this usage level to never being selected.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet OU usage statistics for September
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet OU usage statistics for September

Additionally, Snorlax’s typing, its access to a variety of offensive and defensive moves, and its durability make it an excellent choice, common among players. Considering the evolution of pocket monsters and the appearance of new types with Gen 9, it was probably going to happen sooner or later.

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Unlike Snorlax’s downfall, Blissey’s rise to OU has left some players scratching their heads. Some fans didn’t realize this, questioning what Pokemon got to justify increasing its move pool. Fellow players were quick to answer this question, pointing out Blood Moon Asalona’s defensive abilities in light of her recent rise.

Garchomp and the other Pokemon being placed in the UU tier seem to have caused a major shift in the power balance of the group. Being able to build a team of heavy hitters with access to solid moves and talent is sure to have an impact. Perhaps another shift will be in order once November rolls around and October’s usage figures are reviewed.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Launched in 2022 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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