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The Boys Reveals Who Has Been Exploding Heads

The following contains major spoilers for Boys Season 2, Episode 8, “What I Know” and Season 3 are now available on Amazon Prime Video.

The premiere for Boys Season 2 ended with a bang when CIA Deputy Director Susan Raynor had her head explode during a meeting with the starting team. Later that same Supe attacked the congressional hearing on Vought International, killing several high-profile figures and removing witnesses who could have brought the company down. While who has been killing people has been a mystery for much of the season, the finale, “What I Know,” reveals that the real killer is actually Congresswoman Victoria Neuman.

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Congressman Neuman Being a Supe Was the Big Twist in Season 2

Along the Boys Season 2, Neuman has gone against Vought International and, following the discoveries at Sage Grove Center, teamed up with the team to take down the company. As a result of the congressional hearing attack, public support for Vought to create more Supes using Compound V increases. However, thanks to A-Train’s help, The Boys are able to defeat Stormfront like Nazis, effectively stopping Vought. and his plans. During a press conference, Vought International CEO Stan Edgar blames Stormfront for the attacks.

However, “What I Know” is not that simple. Instead, later in the episode, the leader of the Church of the Collective, Alastair Adana, speaks to Neuman on the phone. During their conversation, it is revealed that they were working together against Vought, with Neuman promising Adana future political favors. At first, Adana is proud that he will be able to advance his agenda, but when he opens a Fresca, his head explodes. The episode then cuts to Neuman looking through his office window, his eyes briefly changing color.

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Neuman’s actions have huge implications for The Boys season 3


The episode makes it clear that Neuman is behind the attacks and this has major ramifications for Boys Season 3. Neuman is definitely one of the most dangerous supervillains out there, as his powers work from a distance and don’t seem to have any limitations, and the attack on the congressional hearing proves that Supes aren’t necessarily immune. What makes this revelation particularly shocking is that, at the end of “What I Know,” Hughie leaves The Boys to team up with Neuman, which means he’ll be working with one of the most dangerous superpowered people in the world.

Amazon Studios’ The Boys stars Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, Jack Quaid as Hughie, Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk, Tomer Kapon as Frenchie, Karen Fukuhara as the woman, Erin Moriarty as Annie January, Chace Crawford as The Deep, Antony Starr like Homelander. , Aya Cash as Stormfront and Simon Pegg as Hughie’s father. Season 2 is streaming on Prime Video now.

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