Core points of Gamers


Core points of Gamers

The Best Webtoons With Main Characters Who Begin as Total Jerks

The main character is, without a doubt, a very important component of every story, so they are mostly sculpted to be likable or relatable. After all, these characters will be the center of attention most of the time. If the audience just feels an indescribable amount of hate every time they see the main character, then the series has a very good chance of failing. However, that doesn’t mean it’s necessary for a protagonist to be likable, at least, not from the start.

There are some webtoons that try to feature idiots as the main character. If they are written well enough, they should provoke the fury of the readers. This is something like a bet. After all, many readers read to relax or to get an adrenaline rush. Watching idiots be idiots gives the opposite effect of that. As such, most of these webtoons focus on character development. This is usually done by putting the protagonist in dire straits, which will hopefully catalyze her change of heart. Done right, watching them improve themselves can be satisfying. Even the suffering they must endure offers rewarding schadenfreude. Here are some great webtoons that perfectly execute this idea.

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Impeccable Almighty is literally about divine intervention

Various religions believe and preach the concept of doing good being rewarded with eternal happiness and doing evil being punished with eternal damnation. Fortunately, it’s not always this black and white. Even sinners are given the chance to change their ways. imperfect almighty uses this idea as its main theme. His main character, Jeonji Kim, is not the kindest of human beings. He was once a notorious bully, but his days of tyranny ended due to a foot injury. However, one day, he is cursed by none other than God himself. Now, he must continually do good or suffer in hell. His guardian angel, Shiyang, guides him and helps him complete his mission.

Jeonji is far from a likable character at first. He doesn’t care much for others and he can barely take care of himself. When Shiyang first meets him, Jeonji tries to avoid her. Fortunately, Shiyang is only an angel in name and immediately stabs Jeonji with a knife. When the latter still refuses to fulfill the missions given to him, Shiyang even makes him taste hell. To escape such a cruel fate, he must realize other people’s dreams. What imperfect almighty does well is the rhythm. It doesn’t speed up Jeonji’s character development, and it takes time for the two main characters to develop a closer relationship.

imperfect almighty it is available to read in English on WEBTOON.

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Night fishing offers the thrill of the catch

night fishing webtoon

Baeksu Kang is an elite athlete. He has a good physique that allows him to excel in any sport in which he competes. However, there is a problem: Baeksu is so competitive that he cannot work with other players. Instead, he tries to do everything himself. While he is effective at getting results, he throws his team’s synergy upside down. The only sport in which he can do whatever he wants and still get good results is diving, but even there, his career is cut short when he’s accused of murder. He then begins to become a confinement, depending on his brother capable of him. However, his sister suddenly disappears and it’s up to Baeksu to solve the case.

Baeksu is undeniably a total piece of trash, and he doesn’t bother to hide it. After all, he doesn’t care what others think of him. However, there is someone who always has your back. His brother has always believed in him, even when no one else has. Now that his sister is missing and in danger of dying, Baeksu tries his best to solve the case, even though his hateful personality bites him in the ass in the worst possible way. He is seen as a criminal, and everyone is biased against him. Even his parents refuse to believe him. As such, he cannot make a single mistake. He must obtain solid evidence to back up his claims and, of course, he must do so before his targets reach him first.

night fishing it is available to read in English on WEBTOON.

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Surviving as a fish is a total catch

surviving like a fish

For many, Yushin is already making it in life. He has a wife and daughter, a stable job and a lot of money, but he hasn’t always been like this. Yushin starts out as an ordinary individual. He climbs the corporate ladder using his skill and work ethic, eventually becoming the president of the Saseong group. However, this is also when things start to go wrong. His boss, whom Yushin considered a valued friend and colleague, begins to view him as a threat. He supposedly knows too much, which may jeopardize the position of his boss in the company. Although Yushin has no plans to usurp his position, that doesn’t stop his boss from eliminating him. However, just as Yushin drowns, a mysterious entity gives him another lease on life and turns him into a fish.

While Yushin may seem like she’s living the perfect life, survive like a fish slowly reveals that this is far from the truth. Yushin turning into a bass isn’t just so he can turn into a terrifying monster. Although he gains experience and abilities while eating and fighting, he also gains certain memory orbs. These orbs allow him to see the people related to him from a third-person perspective, allowing him to realize how selfish he is. That remains true throughout the story, as he has no qualms about using other people if it means achieving his goals. When a more experienced and friendly goldfish tries to befriend him, he acts tough and avoids her. Worse yet, he thinks that he is better than her, even though she is much stronger and more experienced than he is.

survive like a fish it is available to read in English on WEBTOON.

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