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The Best Team Star Base Order

Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe open world and free roam concept is proving to be a success due to the good reception of the game despite performance issues and bugs. In the game, players are presented with three main story threads that need to be tackled all together rather than one at a time. In the Starfall Street storyline, the player faces off against various Team Star bases.

The ability to choose to go anywhere at any time can be intimidating in a game like Pokemon, in which a player’s team can be severely outmatched by opponents if they wander into the wrong area. This is especially true when three stories must be balanced rather than just taking on gyms in a linear order. Team Star bases can be a bit tricky, so here’s a standard breakdown of how bases work and how to take on each specific base.

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How Team Starbases in Scarlet and Violet Work

For Team Star bases, the player will face a guard in a normal battle and then have to choose three of their Pokémon to bring to the base. The next part of the base challenge is a “Star Flurry”, during which the player uses their three Pokémon to win automatic battles against thirty Pokémon in less than ten minutes. These Pokémon will be of the same type as the crew. If any of the player’s three chosen Pokémon need healing, there are various vending machines scattered around the base, or alternatively, they can return to the base entrance and talk to Clive to heal them.

In the last part of the challenge, the player’s entire party will return to fight the crew leader. The final Pokémon for each leader will be a special form of Revvroom with a type that matches that of the crew. Since the Pokemon found in Star Barrage, as well as the crew leader’s Pokemon, will be type specific to that given crew, exploiting type advantages is the way to go with these challenges. Also, it’s a good idea for the player’s Pokémon to be a bit over-leveled, so they don’t have to break their rhythm in Star Barrage to heal too many times. Beating each crew will earn you some LP, TM recipes and materials, and a TM.

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The Dark Crew is susceptible to Fairy, Fighting, and Bug-types

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - Dark Crew Giacomo

The Dark Crew base is located in the West Province, south of Cascarrafa, and is the first Team Star base that players must head to. During Star Barrage, players will encounter Murkrow, Pawniard, Sneasel, Stunky, Zorua, Sableye, and Nymble, which of course are all Dark-type Pokémon. For the boss fight, the leader Giacomo has only two Pokemon, a level 21 Pawniard and a level 20 dark-type Revavroom, so it shouldn’t present much of a challenge for the player.

Shadow Pokemon are weak to Fairy, Fighting, and Bug-types, so be sure to bring some Pokemon with these type advantages. On the other hand, dark moves are effective against Ghost and Psychic, so try not to rely on any Pokemon with those types. For completing this base, players will receive TM63 (Foul Play).

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Use ground, water and rock types to defeat the fire team

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - Fire Crew Mela

The next base the player needs to challenge is the Fire Crew, which, of course, uses Fire-type Pokémon and is located in the Eastern Province, north of Artazon. The guard outside the base will have a level 25 Houndour, which is a dual type of fire and dark, that the player will have to face off against. For Star Barrage, the player can meet Houndour, Numel, Growlithe, Litleo, Torkoal, and Charcadet. Fire Crew Chief Mela will be using just two Pokemon: a level 27 Torkoal and a level 26 Fire-type Revvroom.

Fire-type Pokemon are weak to Ground, Water, and Rock-type moves while being effective against Bug, Steel, Grass, and Ice-types, so prepare your party accordingly. For this base, it’s a good idea to bring a stock of Burn Heals, especially to take on Mela’s Revavroom. Once Mela is defeated, players will receive TM38 (Flame Charge).

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The Poison Crew have a dark type to counter psychic moves

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - Poison Crew Atticus

After the Fire Crew, players need to take on the Poison Crew, who are located in the Tagtree Thicket, north of Zapapico. Instead of the usual Grunt, players will fight Trainer Youssef in front of the base. Youseff has a level 30 Gulpin and a level 31 Shroodle. For Star Barrage, players will be up against a number of Poison-type Pokémon, including Paldean Wooper, Foongus, Varoom, Venonat, Fragaiai, Grimer, Seviper, Ghastly, and the evolutions of the first stage of some of these Pokémon. The boss is Atticus, who has a Skuntank, Revavroom, Muk, and a special Revavroom, all of which will be level 32.

While Psychic and Ground-type moves will get the player through most of this base, Atticus’ Skuntank is a dual-type of Poison and Dark, so Psychic moves won’t work on it. Make sure you carry some antidotes and avoid relying on Grass and Fairy types. Defeating Atticus will net players TM102 (Gunk Shot).

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The Fairy Crew has a decent type diversity

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - Fairy Crew Ortega

Players should then head to the Fairy Crew base, north of Glazed Mountain. Trainer Harrington out of the base will have a level 48 Morgrem and a level 49 Hattrem. For Star Barrage, players will encounter a number of Fairy and Double Fairy-type Pokémon, including Jigglypuff, Tinkatink, Kirlia, Mimikyu, Florges , Marill, Grimmsnarl, Impadimp, and any subsequent evolutions these Pokémon have. Boss Ortega uses Level 50 Azumarill, Level 50 WigglyTuff, Level 51 Daschbun, and Level 50 Revavroom.

For this base, run Poison, Steel, and Fire-type Pokemon for a type advantage against Fairy and avoid using Fighting, Dragon, and Dark-types. Harrington’s Hattrem is actually a Psychic type so Bug, Dark and Ghost moves will knock it down and Ortega’s Azumarill is a Water and Fairy type and therefore weak to Electric, Grass and Poison moves . Defeating Fairy Crew will yield player TM79 (Dazzling Gleam).

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The Fighting Crew features the toughest fights of all

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - Eri Fighting Team

The Fighting Crew is the last base the player needs to approach, and they are in the Northern Province (Area Two). Outside the base, players will fight Carmen, who has a level 54 Croagunk and a level 55 Primeape. The Fighting Crew’s Star Barrage will drop various Fighting-type Pokémon at the player, including Mankey, Heracross, Toxicroak, Passimian, Hariyama , Medicham, Crabominable, Falinks, Flamigo, Hawlucha, Gallade and Breloom. After this, the player will fight Eri, the boss of the Fighting Crew. Eri uses level 55 Toxicroak, Lucario, and Passimian, along with level 56 Annihilape and Revavroom.

Players should rely on Flying, Psychic, and Fairy-types here and avoid Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark-types. Carmen’s Croagunk and Eri’s Toxicroak are both Poison and Fighting-types and are therefore vulnerable to Flying-, Ground-, and Psychic-type moves. Also, Eri’s Lucario is dual Steel and Fighting and therefore weak to Fighting-, Fire- and Ground-type moves, while her Annihilape is Ghost and Fighting-type which is weak to Fairy-type moves, Flying, Ghost and Psychic. Beating Eri will reward the player with TM167 (Close Combat).

There are two more boss fights to take on to really take down Team Star, but luckily, players won’t have to worry about choosing which one to head to first, as they’re in a set order to shut down this particular quest line. They both use various type combinations in their party composition and all of their Pokemon are around level 60, so it’s good to have a party full of strong Pokemon that consist of various types.

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