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The Best Feel-Good Anime on Crunchyroll

Thanksgiving traditions have developed and changed over time as people find what they enjoy about the holiday and what they want to implement into their celebrations. Some stick with family gatherings, while others join friends or take time to pamper themselves for the day. Others experiment with different sides and entrees to spread out among the wide variety of foods to choose from.

A tradition that not everyone can follow is watching soccer on television. Whatever the reason, some would rather watch something else instead. There is no better way than to upend this tradition and put some of the best feel-good anime on the screen for anyone included in the holiday celebrations, and all of these series can be found on Crunchyroll.

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Great anime for Thanksgiving, from delicious food to deeper stories

Most can agree that one of the best things about Thanksgiving is the food. So give in to the Christmas traditions and pick up an anime about food. One of the best to play while enjoying the day is Yakitate!! Japan. This 69-episode series follows Kazuma Azuma as he pursues his dream of creating a national bread for Japan and meets many bakers who help him along the way. Whether through inspiration or competition, Azuma can learn from his teammates. This anime will make the viewers not only hungry but also inspired.

One of the most difficult aspects of Thanksgiving can be the emphasis on family. There are many people who struggle with family ties, have lost loved ones, or simply prefer to do something else. A popular option for Thanksgiving is to have a “Friends Donation” or celebrate with found family.

March comes like a lion is a 44-episode anime about an orphan, Rei Kiriyama, who struggles with his adoptive family and loneliness. While the story touches on many difficult topics, Rei finds a group of sisters who understand the harsh realities her life has thrown at her and do everything they can to care for her. What is so beautiful about this story is the love and support that Rei can find, the approach to family difficulties, and the understanding and need to lift spirits by telling a difficult story.

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Ideal feel-good anime for viewers of all agesBarakamon and the school nannies

barakamon it’s a great selection for an anime to start and end on Thanksgiving. With only 12 episodes, it tells the story of Seishu Handa, a calligrapher who is sent to a retirement island after beating up a curator who criticizes his work. On the island, Handa meets an interesting cast of villagers and attracts the attention of many children who reside there. He is forced to put up with reckless children and is given the chance to grow as a person as his patience is tested. Thanks to the help and care of the other villagers, Handa matures a lot and falls in love with life on the island. This highly rated anime is a must-watch for anyone looking to find their place and for those who want to feel their hearts melt during the holidays.

For a big laugh and a lovable cast, school babysitters it is one of the best anime to watch during the holidays. This 12-episode story with a bonus OVA is fast-paced and hard to pause. Due to the loss of his parents, Ryuichi and his brother, Kotaro, have the opportunity to be cared for by the president of Morinomiya Academy, as long as Ryuichi can manage the school’s daycare.

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Viewers see Ryuichi figure out how to babysit at a daycare center while also being a freshman at Morinomiya. As a preschooler, Kotaro interacts with the other students at the kindergarten, portraying humorous childhood interactions and the extreme differences between everyone. school babysitters is both heartwarming and hilarious, an anime that begs to be on screen during the Thanksgiving celebrations.

The wonderful thing about all of these options is that they are available to stream through Crunchyroll. March comes like a lion Y barakamon it even offers English dubbed versions for busy Thanksgiving guests who haven’t had time to study the Japanese language but still want to enjoy some cozy anime.

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