The best Dead Space Remake updates

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In a game where a single stray upgrade can cost you everything, a question inevitably arises: “Where should I invent my power nodes first?”. If your answer isn’t the suit and the plasma cutter, then you’re a lost cause. Jokes aside, weighing the pros and cons of where to apply your limited collection of power nodes is never as simple as it seems. But it’s still worth pointing out the best Dead Space Remake updates and which ones to prioritize.

In this list, we’ll go over the best upgrades to look for first when considering where to invest your power nodes in Dead Space Remake. And just as a friendly reminder, you won’t have all the credits and nodes you need on your first run of the game. It is what it is. So don’t worry too much until your second or even third run of the game.

Prioritize your health RIG

At the top of your priority list should be upgrading your RIG, specifically the upgrade that increases your health bar. You can make a case to upgrade the plasma cutter first and we really can’t blame you for that. But if you plan to take on this game on hard mode from the very beginning, then you will need to upgrade the suit as soon as possible. One upgrade is enough to keep you alive through one more slasher hit. And as a bonus, your health is fully replenished once you purchase the upgrade. (Just like in the original!) These sorts of tactical choices can save you the weird medkit and much-needed credits.

plasma cutter

Your second priority should be the plasma cutter. In addition to being the franchise’s most iconic weapon, it’s also the most versatile and ammunition-efficient weapon in the series. It’s the perfect tool for chopping off limbs, as its alternate firing mode rotates the barrel 90 degrees. And unlike the Pulse Rifle, it won’t use up your credit reserves to keep the clip full.

We suggest going for Damage first and then go by Ability. The same buying rules also apply to magazines. You will receive a full magazine of ammo after activating the upgrade node.

Humble Stasis Update

Now that you’ve got your health and primary weapon sorted out, it’s time to prioritize your support items. While the Kinesis module rank upgrade is very tempting, it won’t come into play until at least the third or fourth chapter. Updating the Stasis module should be next on your priority list. Stasis isn’t just awesome at crowd control, there are stasis stations scattered throughout the Ishimura, allowing you to recharge the gauge without using a stasis recharge pack.

Go for Energy first before investing in Duration. Unless you’re up against a Brute or the Black variants, you’re not going to make much use of the duration buff.

Now that you have invested a point in stasis, you can now add a point in Kinesis range.

Dead Space Remake Line Gun

Pick a good high school

Assuming you’ve stuck with the Plasma Cutter as your primary weapon, you’ll want to look for a secondary weapon to complement it. The Plasma Cutter is an all-rounder but excels in 1v1 combat. Your next weapon should be a weapon that is geared towards crowd control, or at least one that can deal damage to multiple enemies with the pull of a trigger.

The first secondary you pick up is the pulse rifle. It works a bit differently than the original, but it’s a decent weapon. Although you may want to check it first before updating it. It consumes ammo like there’s no tomorrow, but if you get used to it, it’s an invaluable weapon for holding off groups.

If that’s not your preference, you might want to wait until chapter 3 when the game introduces the Ripper Y Flamethrower. These could be more your speed. Use any of these for a while until the Line Gun and Force Gun become available in chapters 5 and 6 respectively.

And yes, you would have had access to the contact beam Yeah, but let’s save that until the trophy runs out and you need to upgrade all the weapons.

As usual, go for Damage Y Ability first. Save the alt fire stuff until you have a decent stash of upgrade modules.

oxygen upgrades

Last in priority for upgrades is your oxygen. We mean it from experience when we say that oxygen is the least of your worries in both the original and the remake. And with the changes that see us swap out gravity boots for the second game’s free float system, you really won’t be spending as much time in oxygen deprived zones.

This does not mean that we will not need it, we are saying that on a list of priorities, oxygen is at the bottom. As for when you want to start upgrading the oxygen, perhaps before you walk up the hull of the ship and into the forward gun turrets. But even then, there are oxygen refill stations and oxygen canisters that you can use.

Now that you have an idea of ​​which pieces of gear to prioritize first, you can focus more on the combat aspect of the game. If you want, you can fill all the available slots and distribute the updates evenly. But for the first higher difficulty races, sticking to a primary and a secondary is a must.

And that’s it for all the best upgrades you need to prioritize in Dead Space Remake. We hope this list helps you.


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