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Core points of Gamers

The Best 6-Cost Cards & How to Use Them

In the month since its launch, marvel snap it has amassed over eight million downloads and thousands of positive reviews on Steam. It is the third most popular mobile game right now and has built a following that consists of fans of the Marvel Universe and those who enjoy trading card games. marvel snap It’s engaging, fast-paced, and a lot of fun.

In-game, 6-cost cards can only be used on turn 6, usually the final turn of a match, unless a location or other card lowers the cost or provides more energy. Therefore, it’s important to know which 6-cost cards are best to have in a player’s deck, and which other-cost cards to pair with them for maximum power points. This guide provides important information about the best of the powerful 6 cost cards.

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Dr. Doom adds energy to other locations

Dr. Doom adds 5 power to the played placement, which is on the lower end of power amounts for 6 cost cards, but it’s his On Reveal ability that matters most. When he is played, he adds a 5-power Doombot card to each location. Dr. Doom is great to pair with Patriot or Wong. Wong costs 4 energy to play and adds 2 power to the location, but any other cards in that location will have their On Reveal abilities twice. This means that two Doombots, for a total of 10 power, will be added to the other locations. Patriot is a 3 cost card and adds 1 power to the location played, but adds +2 power to each card with no abilities. Doombots have no abilities, so this would make them worth 7 power instead of 5.

Onslaught takes advantage of letters in progress


Onslaught adds 7 power to the played placement, which isn’t bad, but it does have an ongoing ability that makes it a great choice for decks focused on using ongoing cards. Onslaught doubles the continuous abilities of all cards in the location, making it a great pair with Iron Man, Ka-Zar, or Klaw. Iron Man, a 5 cost, 0 power card, doubles the power at the location. With Onslaught, he doubles it twice. Klaw costs 5 energy and adds 4 power, but adds 6 power to the location to the right of him, doubling it to 12 with Onslaught. Ka-Zar costs 4 energy to play and adds 4 power to the location, but adds +1 power to all 1-cost cards players have.

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Odin maximizes the potential of On Reveal cards


Odin is geared towards On Reveal abilities and is a great 6 cost card to have in decks that contain mostly On Reveal cards. Odin adds 8 power to the location played, but when revealed, he reactivates the other abilities when revealed from the other cards in the location. Some of the best cards to pair it up with are Ironheart, Spider-Woman, and White Tiger. Ironheart is a 3 cost, 0 power card, and adds +2 power to three other cards. Odin makes this happen again with three other cards. Spider-Woman costs 5 energy to play and adds 7 power to the location, but she also subtracts 1 power from each opponent’s card at that location, which happens twice with Odin. White Tiger is a 5 cost, 1 power card, and upon revealing it, he adds a 7 power White Tiger card to another location, repeating this with Odin’s help.

Spectrum increases the power of current cards


Spectrum adds 5 power to the played location, but its On Reveal ability is what makes it most useful. When a deck is built around her ability, she can provide an unexpected winning play. Spectrum adds +2 power to all of the player’s current cards. The more ongoing cards included in a deck, the more 2 point bonuses will be added at the end of the game. Iron Man is especially good to pair with Spectrum, because she will give him +2 power, and he will double the power at the location, turning the previous 0 power card into a 4 power card when Spectrum is played. Wong is also a great match for Spectrum because he causes all of On Reveal’s abilities to happen twice. This adds +4 to all other cards in progress instead of just +2, which is a true winning strategy.

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