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Core points of Gamers

The Anti-Life Equation Might Be Able to Infect Lantern Technology

The longer the undead military goes unopposed, the extra energy it appears to realize. Aside from buying the brand new gods after which later an undead Supergirl, DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #2 (by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Andy Lanning, Rain Beredo, and Saida Temofonte) solely added to their arsenal by giving them management over Warworld, and an undead Darkseid with a yellow lantern ring. However, the complete capabilities of the anti-life virus have but to be explored. After conquering the Warworld’s know-how, it might be doable to contaminate lantern rings.

This creates a disturbing variety of prospects for the way the struggle might go. The rings are all related to the central battery that powers them, but when one particular person ring might be corrupted, it may imply that even the central battery might not be secure. The heroes are already on a considerably weaker footing, dropping any sources, massive or small, may shift the tide firmly in favor of the anti-life.

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Right from the beginning, the anti-life virus has been an an infection not like anything within the DC Universe. It doesn’t discriminate between natural or technological techniques with regards to its victims. As such, the virus can unfold at charges inconceivable to hint earlier than it’s too late. However, till now readers solely acquired to see how this impacts Earth-0-based know-how. Televisions and telephones gave the impression to be straightforward for it to deprave, however now it has been proven to simply infect and overcome way more superior applied sciences.

The mom bins, for instance, dwelling computer systems tied to the Source itself, fell to the anti-life virus’ affect, shifting their powers in favor of the undead. Taking over Warworld was its subsequent nice accomplishment, seizing management over one of many deadliest weapons within the universe. If it may do all of that, then infecting a lantern ring must be straightforward. Darkseid has but to take action, however it might be as a result of he does not really feel the necessity but. Perhaps he’ll wait till he has extra lanterns below his dominion earlier than corrupting the rings.

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All that apart, there’s a fair larger drawback to fret about — the doable vulnerability of the central battery. It is a type of know-how, one which hyperlinks all of the lantern rings. If Darkseid manages to contaminate it, then theoretically it may infect all lanterns throughout the universe directly. This may flip the most effective remaining defenses in opposition to the undead on a galactic scale right into a weapon in opposition to the dwelling.

The anti-life virus dilemma is also the Black Lantern Corps’ introduction into this actuality. An military of undead lanterns, supplementing Darkseid’s already appreciable forces. They would possibly in flip be capable of elevate the useless themselves, not by way of mere an infection, however by truly animating corpses to function troopers. Hopefully, the surviving heroes will rally collectively and determine one thing out earlier than any of those eventualities play out. However, given how darkish this collection is to this point, that appears impossible.

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