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The Anime Rom-Com That’s Bound to Make You Blush  

my sweet tyrant is a romantic comedy anime series written and illustrated by Waka Kakitsubata, published on Media Factory’s monthly comic gene magazine from June 2013 to June 2018. Upon completion, the series was adapted into an anime by the Yumeta Company with 25 three-minute-long episodes. The show focuses on Atsuhiro “Akkun” Kagari’s relationship with his girlfriend Non “Nontan” Katagiri and various other characters. Throughout the short runtime of the series, Akkun constantly berates Nontan, who shows him nothing but kindness; comically, however, he is secretly in love with her and does everything in her power to make her happy.

Although my sweet tyrantThe impossibly short runtime, in which the intro takes up more than a third of its length, manages to tell a complete story. Unlike other shorts like wakakozake either love is like a cocktail, this series develops its characters through a coherent story that builds from one episode to the next. Weather my sweet tyrantyes The narrative and characters are by no means the most complex or distinctive, it comes across as a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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Atsuhiro Kagari is a male tsundere.

A tsundere is a Japanese term used to describe a character with a personality that oscillates between being emotionally warm and cold. This trait is typically used when a character is dealing with a love interest. Over time, you can often see a character gifted with this trait open up and become less confrontational about her emotions as the story progresses. Although this role is usually reserved for female characters, in my sweet tyranthas been employed in its main male lead.

Akkun is crazy about his longtime girlfriend, Nontan. However, due to her passionate love for her, he is often embarrassed and resorts to insulting her or simply being harsh to cover her tracks. Fortunately for Akkun, Nontan has grown accustomed to her strange behavior and recognizes that, despite her apparent lack of compassion, he really does care about her deep down. This dynamic leads to a continual back and forth as Akkun tries to hide his obsession with his girlfriend while Nontan waits for the special moments when he lets his guard down. Whether it’s a smile, a blush, or a long hug, Akkun’s partner is always grateful when he thinks of her.

In private, Akkun lacks the restraint that he displays in front of his girlfriend. From following Nontan after school to pasting dozens of photos of her on the walls of her bedroom, it clearly shows that this character has developed an unhealthy obsession. Akkun’s peculiar behavior is often depicted in short scenes, where viewers enter his thought process. Even when Akkun publicly insults Nontan, he is usually shown thinking the opposite and complimenting her extreme degree of cuteness.

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My Sweet Tyrant develops a variety of characters and relationships


Even with such a short execution time, my sweet tyrant develops a wide range of characters and the relationships they have with each other. Masago Matsuo is Akkun’s best friend and such an important fixture in his life that he has almost become a piece of furniture in his house. Matsuo can be seen walking next to Akkun during school, and after he’s done for the day, he’ll play video games at his house for hours on end. While it’s unclear how long these two have been friends, it seems that Chiho Kagari, Akkun’s younger sister, has gotten used to Matsuo’s antics.

Like her brother, Chiho is a tsundere and shares a passion for Nontan; however, instead, she is more willing to show her emotions, as her love is more friendly than romantic. Still, much like Akkun, she can be seen showing the darker side of herself when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. Although Chiho seems to be frustrated by Matsuo’s obsession with video games and his virtual girlfriend, whom she talks to through a handheld console, she eventually begins to open up to him. Although Chiho initially sees Matsuo simply as her brother’s childhood friend and a nuisance in her home life, the constant repetition of her friend’s comments that he is unbelievably handsome begins to make her reflect on him. artificial hatred she shows towards him.

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My sweet tyrant is full of tropes


It is unlikely to come as a surprise that my sweet tyrant it’s packed with classic anime conventions and tropes that have become a mainstay of the medium. Even though the series is only 25 episodes long, it still manages to fit in just about every one-off special fans have come to expect. Whether it’s holidays (including Japanese festivals, Halloween, Christmas, and New Years), the infamous beach episode, or installments dedicated to meeting the parents, this series ticks almost all the boxes.

While this may initially seem like lazy writing, you’d be hard-pressed to find an alternate path this series could have taken given the restrictions of its genre. Although each of these episodes follows the same beats that fans know (and often love), they allow my sweet tyrant expand in ways that would not otherwise be possible. New characters enter the scene and are developed, and most importantly, the progression of time is clearly demonstrated. With less than an hour of footage in total, viewers get to witness the progress of the show’s characters over the course of a year, creating the illusion that one has spent more time with them than they actually have. In this sense, the series uses its tropes in a much better way than other series.

For those who love nothing better than a sweet and maudlin rom-com, my sweet tyrant It’s definitely worth a try. Although it may not be noticeable or open up any untrodden paths yet, it’s nice enough to invest the one hour you’re asking for. Akkun and Nontan are likable characters, and while they may not offer the degree of depth that larger series usually do, they are much more memorable than many might initially suspect, an impressive feat considering the short runtime. of the anime and how much the creators have managed to fit within it.

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