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The Addams Family Fans Can’t Get Enough of Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday

Wednesday star Jenny Ortega is closer to the character than some think after admitting to dissecting dead animals as a child.

Wednesday star Jenna Ortega confesses that she’s more in tune with the ghoulish character than some fans might have believed.

Talking with ME! News On his close relationship with fellow actress Maddie Ziegler, Ortega admitted that he used to get up to some gruesome pranks when he was younger. “She’s so weird and I’m a weirdo in the way that she used to do autopsies on small animals when she was younger,” Ortega said. “Little lizards that I found that were dead in my backyard. She’s a freak in the sense that she would break into character or move or make faces.”

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While Ortega’s youthful passion for dissecting small creatures aligns with his role in Wednesday, the main difference is that his character prefers to cut living people to pieces. Throughout the Netflix adaptation, the sinister teen commits various crimes against those who harm her family and friends. The show even opens with Wednesday attempting to brutally murder a high school water polo team that was bullying her younger brother, Pugsley.

Wednesday follows the titular member of the Addams Family as he embarks on a new chapter in his life: high school. After her parents enroll her in Nevermore Boarding School, Ortega’s gothic persona is forced to make friends, fend off enemies, discover the cause of her newfound precognition abilities, and track down an elusive serial killer. Tim Burton produced the adaptation and is also directing the pilot, resulting in a show that many critics have praised for its strong performances and production design. Despite these positive aspects, many have also noted that the story and writing leave something to be desired.

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Burton has openly discussed his passion for both the addams family franchise and Wednesday herself, noting that she couldn’t wait to put her own unique spin on the character. “I feel like a Wednesday. I’ve felt like a Wednesday since I was a teenager, even though I was a kid,” Burton explained. “The sarcastic, sarcastic teenager has the same kind of point of view that I do, the same kind of black and white point of view.”

Weather Wednesday may prove to be a hit with fans of the eccentric franchise, Burton has insisted that he has no plans to gravitate further towards series creation. The acclaimed filmmaker has specified that he will continue making movies for the foreseeable future. “I enjoyed making this TV series, simply because it was interesting to have a different pace, a slower-burning type,” Burton said. “But obviously, for me, I still love movies. I still think there’s a place for movies these days.”

Wednesday it is now streaming on Netflix.

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